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But at the end of the day, man, at the end of the fucking day, you could be working, fuck and stupid office job. So right. So you're good while not really do. I mean, it's you. You've got to stand the fat dude. Who told Tom Selleck in that prison movie, he was in, you know, in Tom Selleck didn't wanna fight. He said, you don't have to stand tall, but you got to stand. That's I do stand for myself. I mean, it's it's a fine line of do stand up yourself. You take it in the ass or do you just kind of, you know, get abused by networks and shows that you held like it's it's a fine line. But then my point is you're probably do the gig again. I probably won't. But you know, I mean at this point you know, it's like it's a bridge. I'm willing to burn from the standpoint. I'm forty, nine. I'll be fifty in September. They haven't used me outside a roast battle. So my really burning a bridge. Yeah, you know, maybe I am. Maybe they were gonna give me a special in October. Yeah. My whole thing again is fuck what, but dude, it's easy for you to say that when you didn't get burned. Yeah, you know, I love you. Yeah, yeah. Yeah, I get it. I get it. Well, you know, it's like. Once again. Okay. You feel jilted fund. But again, if I were you, I'd rather have your big dick. You're fucking constant income. You're beautiful fucking apartment in West Hollywood condo. None apart lo que. Sorry, corrected parliaments or for the bottom feed. You mean the little people that you're standing up for it a little. Eaters. For truth in jest. Got a beautiful gorgeous fucking dog who I love. You're always getting fucking laid gimme a fuck and break. Am I supposed to feel bad for you? I'm not asking anyone to feel bad for like, you know, when I'm asked about, you know why my, you know bidder mad or what honest about it. Okay. Well, let's good. That's good. I don't well look dude before you before you entered show business. It was fucked up. It's fucked up now that you're in it and it's gonna be fucked up after you're dead. So to spin your wheels fell can get out of shape over it. It's just giving you a fuck in probably headache that you don't need. Oh, yeah, definitely gives me and you got great. You have fucking great shows your fucking great stand up, and that's what I love the art of stand up, your fucking Sam. So everything else is fucking bullshit. To me it is. But this business. All TV credits like. Is it though. Okay. So let's say you want good spots if you don't mind. I mean, I love when I go on at the comedy store. I'm happy for the spots I get. But like if you if you wanna like. You know, go on early or whatever. It's all about, hey, we've seen Jason Glenn on the tonight show, or we've seen Jason galore and on the Jimmy Kimmel show. Are we seeing Earl on the jellies or you know, it's if you're on, if you are not on TV, you might as well get ready to do jokes in front of the Xetra. I think so. Yeah, I don't know, man, I don't know. To me ultimately, at the end the fucking day, it's about our art art, the music. You love the fuck and music. I love the album's that we to listen to. That's all I give shit about great comedy, great music..

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