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Listening to after hours with Amy Lawrence, when you drive in the left lane below the speed limit and will not move over so the sinners can buy. Just let go. You want to drive Grandma style and hold up traffic, Do it in federally or the writing and lane, but poor people to go around you. We have places to go. I mean, you might not have a care in the world that places to get this. He's after hours with Lawrence It still making that, but it doesn't make me nearly as mad. I cannot claim that I've been road rage free since I started commuting again or since I've gotten back on the roads again. But those seven weeks that I went without driving at all except to the grocery store and back the seven weeks during the pandemic where I did not put gas in my car That was in March in April, I soar no matter what, that I would never get upset about traffic again. As I say, That's that's not that that was the New Year's resolution. It didn't It didn't hold up for very long, but it feels good to sit in traffic now, and I keep reminding myself. What's the alternative to be home to be stuck to be? Looking at your car out the window and you can't go anywhere. And so, yes, I've gotten a little annoyed about traffic, but.

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