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In a game and in this game there the previous game there was a girl named evelyn is. I believe the proper held her name. That was the girl evelyn in this game. Ethan winters has a daughter named rose. I have a daughter named eva rose to so everyone knows throughout this game eveline. They're basically trying to use your daughter as a conduit to bring heavily back. I believe right in the last scene. The the big bad specifically says. I need rose do bring eva back and i miss playing this game as with mike. My daughters ava. Rose abe runs like fuck. What the are don't know you groom to name your kid. Overviews of resident evil appearance. Just the genius behind. That's what it is nine hundred nicknamed the base. You just didn't know yeah. Ship this game so at the end of resident evil seven and when they were like rebrith back yeah and all of us were currently lie. Don't do that. Don't and i feel like they leaned into the why because he's such fucking shit head. Yeah he's the. He's the worst. But but i grew to kinda love everything about him in this game because it's just like he has no reaction or he doesn't certainly as react properly to anything like how that the number of times resource like what is going on yet. They find like one of the core. I mean literally the entire loop of the game revolt once you kind of get into it. Revolves around finding limbs of your fucking daughter has been dismembered in and put into jars joking about that. It's like i gotta go find her arm. I have to go find her legs. I gotta go find her head and it's just like it's just chill about is like i have. I have. I have roses. Had lead her limbs or body and like you pull up tablet brings up like what you're supposed to do. And it's like find rose parts since s just sanguine about as i know man you gotta go find these fucking parts of your daughter man like and i guess they're like and you find them..

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