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Jason, of course, is the play by play announcer for the Chicago White Sox. We have on Twitter. That's how it happened. Turns out that Jason was a fan of mine material. I think he is terrific and he stepping into some huge shoes at the White Sox. The very polarizing hawk Harrelson who is I've spoken very much often on this show. I am a fan of and I am a camp by myself. That's not true. I am too. You know ja in Oliver series into a cartridge, but you grew up in the south side of Chicago as well, south suburbs. Yeah, you love this gentleman grew up not we're Martin Grupp home would not far from Lincoln mall where I worked at the cinnabon I didn't work at the set up on the badges j. r.'s music shop which was long gone by the time that you this was born in eighty three. If I'm not mistaken up eighty three and I worked at JR's from eighty four basically to eighty seven taking a little time away, but so you you. I was wondering if it was ever a chance that you came into my record store. Turns out maybe your mother pushed you through in a stroller. Yeah, while she was stealing you think that she was my mom is not a delinquent in any way. We don't know that. I mean, you know that, but I don't trust her at all. Really I don't. I don't trust your mother. I don't trust MRs Bonetti this is garbage. I'm leaving get back our drive hope. How do you do? We have like a footstep sound bite or something that we could while I leave because it walking out on radio or podcast or whatever it doesn't. We have forty nine cameras. Oh, I, we have cameras covered. This is this is a, this isn't Mark Meriden garage. This is us with half the audience. I've never been on a camera before. We'll get through it, you sure. Yeah. Okay. Also you do it every day. All right. Oliver Griffin is here. He's gonna play by play announcer for no. Now you're gonna do the trick for him, but in a way you should be doing the trick for somebody else in Jason's you call it. Oh, okay. Are you on the spot? I could do that. Is that right? Is that how can you do it across the table of with me? Okay. Let's do Hamra. So do I call it for TV or not TV? I question it's a simulcast say you do it for not TV. Okay, right. So that the listener should enjoy listener could enjoy it. Awesome. So this doing for radio. All right..

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