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Morning Low on the 20s By this Thursday day break 35 right now In line we thank you for taking us along for your early morning ride topping The local stories we were looking at for you as we head into this day together the longtime superintendent of Frederick county schools Terry Alvin has apparently been placed on administrative leave Now this change comes after the school district reached a settlement apparently following a Justice Department investigation into the mistreatment of disabled students One week after the Department of Justice made public its findings and the resulting settlement into quote pervasive misuse of seclusion and restraint practices against students with disabilities Doctor Terry Alban is on administrative leave Doctor Eric lores Phillips with Frederick county school says the decision comes after the board of education held a closed session Tuesday evening but he says the board did not expressly link the change to the superintendent status to the DoJ investigation Doctor Alban is served as superintendent for 11 years Doctor Mike Marko is stepping into the superintendent role on an acting basis It's unclear how long Alban will be on administrative leave her contract is scheduled to expire in 2023 Meghan clarity OP news And a special session locally the Maryland Senate is phi given final approval to a new congressional district map but it comes amid accusations of gerrymandering Republicans charge that the map was made so that all 8 of the state's congressional districts would favor Democrats We would have loved to have seen the fair and balanced throughout the state And I don't have a sense that we have that And a rundle Republican senator Edward Riley and he's not alone The Princeton gerrymandering project gave the map an F when it came to partisan fairness and geographic compactness Fredrick county democratic senator Ronald young admitted it may not be perfect but I think we've developed a map that's fair Could it be better Probably Passing 32 to 15 the map now heads to governor Larry Hogan who has said he'll veto it he has 6 days to do that Michelle Morello WTP news Meanwhile a group called fair maps Maryland is apparently condemning the congressional redistricting map approved by the Maryland Senate and a saving of this week Wednesday night last night It says the General Assembly has ignored the will of the overwhelming majority of marylanders and they are violating state and federal law the group has promising to sue No fair maps Maryland describes itself as nonpartisan but Marilyn matters reports it has strong ties to Republican governor Larry Hogan WTP news time Now two O three.

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