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The most valuable global goes against the spurs here's our merely i'm going to ask you stereotypical male questions russell jails can ask you sir typical female questions best at a three went so tie the end up we go through another door but that regard cuisine never french fries day ladies and gentlemen we love french fry days then every battle of the sexes on french brought this we learn the new french word your word right now i'll him all all in all other mall it means the food while i'm is yours food out all we can all smell and striving is crazy big boys have birth dates we have a bunch of food up here for the guy my gosh for their security around it we kick merit who venom is a marble character typically appearing opposite what superhero spiderman russell what blonde actress plays elwood's the recruited go nuts that's right barman one than what he rio arthur ashe's name associated with what sports milli partner in where's my phone guys who won last night what's going on over iit yeah i didn't get the update got digital over no it's not over but a lot of the laser plane last side and in the finals air it was four four american women going headtohead so we'll have the update momentarily okay russell kelly jenner is known for lip kits what sister is known for highlight kits uh kim progressive ride again all right current score right now is to to to here is your question milli brad garrett appeared as a police officer named robert in what sitcom everybody loves raymond today and russell luke steiner is a fictional restaurant on what tv show luke steiner or just luke's i don't know.

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