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That the American Bar Association is now recommending new law school graduates who haven't passed the bar exam be allowed to have limited practices presumably under the theory that practice makes perfect never do something dumb on social media James Campbell of Cheltenham England did promising that if one of his tweets got ten thousand retweets he'd run a marathon well it did so he did despite the pandemic locked out as Campbell did twenty foot shuttles and his tiny backyard one hundred thirty eight thousand four hundred thirty five of them it's just a bit over five hours don't come to work today okay no I really mean it don't come to work today the if you're sure maybe we've heard something like that in the past but not like now which takes us to cicada city Japan where one worker visited an area which had been hard hit by the virus his boss said don't come to work today but the employee did that was hard hit by his boss right in the face how have you adapted to this working from home thing sometimes you have to control things which are miles away however I'll bet you don't have to do remote work like the curiosity rover team at NASA's jet propulsion labs in southern California the object of their attention is currently just under thirty six million miles away on Mars thank you it's about as close as Mars ever guest of the earth wonder was it something we said as it turns out this pandemic of the fact that one of their workers just tested positive for the virus has forced the European Space Agency to put eight of its satellites into hibernation for lack of staff to work with them but the newly established U. S. space forces launched its first ever national security satellite from Cape Canaveral even if it had to do so with nonessential workers barred from the large room and only after the satellite itself was sanitized Gee I guess you would want to give the T. the virus and the police in northern India found tourists on the beach the tourists were required to write I didn't follow lockdown I am sorry five hundred times in a piece of paper somewhere bart Simpson was laughing the off beat I'm Jim Bohannon how America in the morning for Thursday April sixteenth comes your way from Westwood One news when it comes to home ownership in the ins and outs of real estate or YouTube did street talk with Chris stayed nine AM Sundays on komo news with the new to the pavement of our northwest stomping grounds street talk with Christine a panel of industry insiders there to take your calls and give you the what's what in the mortgage industry this week Laura keel sits in bringing her expertise on reverse mortgages street talk with Chris stayed nine AM Sundays.

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