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No i nine i don't think i've ever met erica jane this is a hard why should i guess it was like when i was in his one is obsessed with that montana i met my czars at top job but i was not starstruck enough i did go up to her and i think i played it cool i think the worst thing to experience as a human being is like running into celebrity you'd like and then getting too nervous and not asking for a photo can we all agree yes like i like i will regret till the day i die being at the same dinner parties kindle jenner and not saying anything to her since you have that moment to shame mitchell yes oh it's our fault i'm pretty sure we were telling you we are cheering you on and you're like no i'm just a smooth jia margo we always support you what about you everyone knows that when i met harry styles i was broken on the inside on the outside i couldn't fucking speak and i was literally like i was joey in friends when he can't learn french and i was like oh did not i meant to say like i did so good i had a child to drink i did so good and isn't bed is great about that like when we run into celebrities he like pushes me uncomfortable that you have to go talk than you have to go talk to them and i'm just like and then when i get home i'm like i wish i did it so ben always pushes me and with his harry's housing is that you're going and i'm going and insecure calling them aren't going so i chugged did drink and we watch over and we did such a good job right like we were just so cool calm cool uh we did make it too long as it was with his family and it was leaving and had just so dunkirk so i told them about that so i meant to be like having a night enjoy the rest of your night so nice to meet you thank you so much great job in the movie and basically what came out was like some do now.

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