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Here's the world's Lydia. Manley do a couple of weeks ago at the end of May about two hundred fifty people some in the US some in, China got on. Zoom, call. Juicy. She will. They were attending virtual. Meant to commemorate the anniversary of the Tenement Square massacre. Joe Funk show was one of the students who, in one, thousand, nine, hundred, eighty, nine lead the protest in Tiananmen, calling for democracy, free speech and a free press in China. The protests were crushed by Chinese authorities. Joe Organized this video conference through the US based nonprofit, he co founded. It's called Humanitarian China. What's significant about this conference is? This is the first conference in last thirty one years. To have such a broad representation of every. Groups of the Chairman Legacy, we're former student leaders, raiders, scholars activists from Hong Kong and Taiwan. I was full of anxious anticipation. Even during the meeting Joe is based in the US, but he says he was anxious because he knew Chinese authorities onto this meeting. He's as activists in China had been warned by police. They're not to join. Tiananmen is a sensitive topic on the mainland. The three and a half hour video conference went smoothly. It wasn't until A. A few days later, when Joe tried to log into his new account that he realized something was wrong, we discovered is account was closed. His zoom account was shut down. He reached out to the company and tried to get an explanation, but didn't hear back. In a statement to the world zoom, said that as a global company, it has to quote comply with local laws, but didn't specify precisely what laws they were referring to the are trying to. Apply political censorship from Beijing to us. This is not acceptable. Other activists critical of China say they've had similar issues with the platform recently yacht showing is a China researcher with Human Rights Watch. She's zoom has been facing questions about the influence. The Chinese government has over it for a while now. The companies based here in the US in California but it. It has staff and subsidiaries in China, unlike some US based platforms like facebook and Google Zoom is available in China Wang says it's not surprising that zoom would place restrictions on users on the mainland to continue operating there I think what's unique. This time is that Sumi silencing censoring people outside of China Wang says zoom is not the first global company to. To succumb to Chinese pressure apple for example has removed many virtual private network applications from its Chinese OP store VPN's allow users to look at websites that are blocked in China Joe Funk show with humanitarian. China eventually got his account back, but he says he hopes the US. Government and private companies will stand up to China. We have to change the rules of the game. Otherwise a reuse company would go down this path of trying to appease Beijing for the benefit of perfect. He says he wants to see. Companies refused to operate in China until they stop censoring those within and outside of the country, and he hopes to see the US government take a stance to for the world linear mainly due. COMING UP! We had to Bangladesh for.

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