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6 94, 4 94 and all frontage roads Way. Appreciate your attendance. Dawn will mark you down as such dawn mark everyone down his present day saying Spanish class prevent a We're all here. Present that would manage name. Yeah. Benita was Dona Benita because there was ah Spanish name for Don s O. It was just Your Highness. The beautiful They say it wasn't Alexis either. Oh, yeah. I was a dealer a day, huh? I took French, so I don't know I didn't French. I have no leg. I don't want your French. You know, I don't actually Dawson, I Mrs Soane. My my French teacher is on Facebook, and she was my childhood Best friend's mom. Which I've said this before, I thought because I was a dork. I thought that that would mean I was in. I was in rare fight heir. I thought that it was going to be. Ah, Tick it Tee easy street in that class. Cause I had it with Brett. Brett Calloway was my was my childhood best friend. And we had it with his mom. And I remember the day because you remember that, you know, I remember when you found out all your classes and you you got that sheet and it was like, Okay, I have homeroom this hour. And I remember getting I was walking with Brett and we both We both realized we had French one together, and we were so elated. And I got in there. And I foolishly thought because Mrs Callaway basically helped raise me that I would get a new easy pass. Probably worse for you was holding her son. Oh, it was horrible. It was It was what she was so strict with us. She separated us because we sat We II remember this. Our first day we sat right next to each other. And she went right over. She walked in. Isn't it funny how you do remember certain things really distinctly. She walked right in, proceeded to put her stuff on her desk walked right over to us. She squatted down and she goes. This is not gonna work. And she pointed, and she pointed to the others. She pointed to the other side of the room and she goes you or you and I went OK. I'll move looked over and I remember looking over a regular girl. This is not going to be fun. And she was so tough on us. Oh, was she? I couldn't get away with any shenanigans. Any of my Jason esque shenanigans? No. Remember any French? No, I I politely declined to return to French after I believe French water. Tio. One year old is in Indiana. We barely spoke English so they take. They only needed you to take one year of a different language. So ah, on DH. That was you could get out of it if your parents wrote notes, and they don't care in Indiana. Anyway. Kenny Kenny, I got a sweet letter. We got a sweet letter from Elizabeth, who's been listening to our show for years, and she she's fantastic. She's good morning, sunshine. Please share with Kenny that I too, have great memories of Van Halen. We used to hang out at Maplewood Mall, Meet Boys Drive around with with the VH on a cassette. When I think of Van Halen, I recall driving way too fast down 94 Some boys Corvette. Ah, Panama screaming on the radio. Such great memories if you could share them. Absolutely. Ah, a lot of good times with that band. Yeah. Oh, it's just it's Jeff. I just had my TV show meeting. And Jeff was talking about the album covers that he has very distinct because he's were about all the same age, and he has distinct memories of just the album Art of all the Van Halen albums and ya View arcade in the eighties. You definitely have that So, Yeah. 65 way too young way too young cancer again. Oh, yeah. Just just two young Valerie Burton Alley put out a lovely We didn't mention this to put out a lovely tribute, Rememberance. Whatever you want to call it was with him, too. Yeah, just a a beautiful tribute, so and you'll be seeing it. I just flipped around all the network news shows and they're all doing. Wonderful, wonderful remembrances. Tio Eddie. So 7 10 is the time I mentioned this. Oh, that's on. What is that Desert? Kenny's that users? Are they coming to get you get looks coming to get you, Barbara coming to get.

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