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The point is Nick Saving is the the source of the woes in Chicago. I've been on sandals a lot this season seven ruin a lot for the bears, and that not him and lose it on him a lot. I've felt a lot of your guys is Payne and Nix. They've been example. Vice, exactly what you wanted out of Maggie's that flexibility that adaptability to Just to what he has. That's why Bill Belichick is an excellent coach. And Maggie just doesn't have any of that. He wandered in there with this. Well, this is my plan, and this is what I'm gonna do, And that's not the pieces he had at the end of the day. That's not the pieces he had. And that's what makes a good coaches understanding what he can work with. We can all just if this was the fifth we'd all be drunk. You know what I mean? Yeah. And that's it. So if I understand you guys frustration. I've been laughing at it for the last 25 years or so, but I finally get it. But I will say this. This is why I might be. Undercover, embarrassed and in the future. When Jimmy Graham caught that touchdown. I had the bear that 15.5. And he covered that's right at the last second Theo for a 16 Caesar for the for the playoffs, So I'll tell you what that might might have hooked me on the Bears are. Thanks for the call Alex. Appreciate it. Good second run. They're good Second run Nice job. Mm. Well in Virginia, listening on the ESPN Chicago half will. You're on ESPN 1000. Well, we're talking bears. What do you think about this? Breaking explosive Bears News Pace and Maggie back in the fall for 2021. Oh, man, it is, uh, it's I don't know what the thing it's kind of comical, but I know for you guys literally got one guy that was crying. I feel bad for that guy like Adam said. Just want to give him a hug. Because, like I just I didn't expect that. But you gotta admire the passion, right? Oh, yeah, absolutely. Well, roll fast. I just wanna say obviously big family seriously grow faster once they Adam, Congrats to you on your dad on the championship last night, we worked hard. Uh, thanks again for breaking down that game for me last week on the pod, and before I let you go, I am looking forward to the return of blue line Black and fuck dollar. I know this is a bear tonight, but black hawks are back tomorrow because tonight it's a contract extension. See where you're going? Hey, work Put dollar tonight You're gonna stocks Dollar tonight. You're gonna have roll Tide dollar tonight, but no way Go ruin everything. The bears ruined everything. We were ready to do it tonight. We're going to Ducks and Blackhawks. I believe you, Michael would be the question. All right, those. Are you excited for the hockey season. Wolf. I am. Yeah, I am excited to see how they do this in the 50 56 games shortened season. You know, the interesting Do you think of the extension for Collison is his ability to develop young players. Hmm. Probably as comical as the pastry paste, Maggie. All right, All right. Thank you. Thanks for thanks for your help. Talk to you soon. All right. Well, thanks for the phone call. All right, these guys I mean way were we were gonna talk about Jeremy Colton. Tonight. He gets to the extension from the Blackhawks. And also if you want war hawks coverage, the hockey show Saturdays 10 a.m..

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