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I challenge anybody to find a better lineup of coaches that they used to be your name would define who you are as a person. And I liked it back there. You know back in those days. It definitely did press. Mayor MICH loves the press the press loves to have like a five hundred record and let us on score forty seven points again. Break. She people talking about president or like, dude, you're record sucked. He's like my record might we have all the records. My record is this. We could look at my son record. Also clips in. I just wanted to say Brad Brownell? He came back said he had a, you know, make it happen. And then he gets a contract extension. And then Mitchell comes back read comes back, the rank number twenty two first time since oh nine during the reason raking and just I'm going. Yeah. In ROY Williams said at a z media days, they're the best defensive team in the which I think is always try to find a style for a team like something that they can kind of hang their hat on. And it's always been a great defensive game. And I talking about autumn Brad. I, yeah, we we make these point all the time that more than anything. I I wanna culture out of a program. But you know, I want I want you Bharti. What's happening right now. I want to culture, I want an identity, and and the the the the programs in college basketball, the coaches that I don't believe in are the coaches that have been around for a while. And you have no idea what they stand for. They're just kind of throwing shooting at the wall, hoping some sticks. And yeah, Clemson has an identity at this point. So the stands very, yeah. Moving on number forty seven to team. I actually just mentioned with the with the Michigan situation. Houston the shoes to coup best season since nineteen Eighty-four best seasons since defy slamma. Jamma last year, rob gray with the man bond with his brother having the man bun had a great year came to a tragic end when swaggie pool hit the the buzzer beater, the improbable buzzer beater, and then say tournament shot that he said he already envisioned it fine. He knew that it was going to go. And I guess that's if you take solace that if you're Houston fan is that you you understand that this was this was preordained wacky pool from the moment swaggie PU was born he was destined to make that shot. So there's nothing you could have done differently. It was always going to happen that way. But yeah, Houston, you know, I I made the point I'll make it again that that Houston had a team as we saw with Michigan like Samson the could've won the the could've gone to the final four. I don't think it's unrealistic to say that they were good enough last year. And and I mean, they did lose their best player coming into this year. But Kelvin Sampson is has some cooking Tate. I have I have I wonder how he's doing it to the he's a guy that works, really hard. And you know, how it is with Samson. Here's a quote for him that I love the goal. Here is not to make the tournament says Goldman Sampson the goal here is to win the tournament. Wait what? Now, we move forward. That was from his media day. I love it. And I think most people were trying to give them a little layup. And they're gonna say, hey, Kelvin things are going great for you guys. Like, you got the they got twenty five million dollar practice practice facility. Just built for them. I think they renovated their arenas. Well, yes. Owners of the rocket. What are their names for Titi for Tinto? Nice for Totta. Nice something like that Tillman. They made this whole thank heaven for us. So they got a lot of money down. There. We talked about Texas money. We joke about. CCUS MU Houston's the team that was a sleeping giant that weekend. There. I on and Kelvin's make it a half. Now three straight twenty one seasons for Samson and again, Jordan full shot. And there's no telling how long run could have been. And then they got one of my favorite recruits in North Carolina. That's a freshman this year. It was his name Natan from gastonia North Carolina houses from gastonia who's that James worthy Hassan Whiteside. Just just. James worthy. A lot of talent. He's a guard, but basically James worthy same thing..

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