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Look, I think Mark Andrews. He might still be the number one target. Yeah, I would. I would go as far as to say that. And I think he won't take another. Maybe a step may be a step forward in 2021. The other guy, I think is maybe the most interesting and we're you know, I'm kind of looking at this from a fantasy perspective. But JK Dobbins enters into a situation that you know, he looks like he'll be the you know, the de facto number one running back. I know this team likes to use multiple running backs Mark Ingram, I think Often under appreciated as a player, a lot of injuries that he battled through last year. I think you know his lack of presence in the lineup. I did think led to some of the issues that they had in a running game. But JK Dobbins to me really is he's that young, dynamic playmaker. I'm pretty excited to sort of see what his outlook as this year are you expecting? You know, Buck Elena's still sort of get a lot of Carrie's Or Is this going to be the JK Dobbins and Lamar Jackson Show in the backfield? Eyes. It's Jake a job in, um and Gus Edwards. Edwards. Yes. I'm sorry. Gus Edwards. Yes. Yeah. Yeah, It's okay. So you know, you know Mark Ingram, they let go protection protection now. Look before last season, I was asked by somebody you know who's gonna be like the surprise name or, you know, maybe the not the unsung hero but who's gonna have a breakthrough performance in 2020? I immediately thought, Jakey Dobbins, and, um, he did. I mean, he came on strong. They weren't just going to give him the job, especially when they have marking. There was a respected veteran. On Mark Ingram, you know, slowly took a back seat to JK Dobbins and JK Dobbins is elusive. I mean, he is the guy that you saw at Ohio State. It has transition to the pro game. And Yeah, I mean, I think he's gonna have another big year. You know, his numbers are going to go up. He knows what the NFL game is all about. And, um Yeah, I think it is definitely the Robbins and Jackson Show on the ground and don't don't sleep on Gus Edwards. All that guy does is pick up first downs and, um so You know, as long as You know a Zilong is the Ravens aren't facing, um No. A golden Go with Theron Johnson out there. They should be fine in 27 2021. Bravo, my friend! Bravo! I am going to go against my better judgment and I'm going to talk a little hockey with you for the next like two minutes. I think Washington is at a really interesting crossroads. I don't want to say crossroads because I still think regardless. It has there better, better long term contract to ever play out. Then then, like Alex Ovechkin, when somebody signs a 10 year, a seven year contract you almost it's done almost knowing they'll never see the end of that contract. And I think Alex Ovechkin is one of those rare people that Not only was that contract worth that you could almost make the argument that it it was a value like That they really kind of got way more out of that contract than than even else. Ovechkin did. But he's a free agent at the end of this year, wondering sort of, you know, in the in the breath of this Jack Eichel talk Is there a sense there in Washington that there needs to be a move made in order to help them? Maybe get the most out of Alex Ovechkin's last couple of years and maybe the top of his game. I'm not saying Ovechkin is like, you know, in the dog days here anything but he is on the back end of a career that is one of the best diver is gonna end up being probably one of the best scores of all time. But is there a sense that move needs to be made to pair him with someone that maybe gives them an opportunity to win another cup or two? Yeah, definitely. I mean, the doc. Um And as you saw in the Bruins Syriza on, you know that just ended. The cats for a couple games. They looked old. Um, I mean, their window is open, but you know, it's it's closing over the next two years. I mean, they're still their best players are still Um, you know, backs. Trump was their leading scorer over that skin. Um, you know, um On Carlson, who's not old, but he's not young anymore. Uhm, you know, they're one of the oldest teams in the National Hockey League. And you know they're the sense is that Something there needs to be a legit hockey trade and it Ah lot of fans on, I think I think in the front office is well, that might revolve around Afghani Kuznetsov, who has been has made some questionable decisions. Let's make Let's put it that way. Off the ice being on the coded list a couple times then, you know, going into the playoffs without Kuznetsov, and since only because they were dealing with, you know, being on the Kobe Protocol. That that, really I think it really hurt him. Um, you know, you want to be rolling when you hit Game one, and you dropped the puck. For the playoffs, and they just weren't They were also deal with injuries that everybody's dealing with injuries. But that being said Look, the caps. They had a lead in Game two. They, you know, they lost it late, and they lost in overtime. They hit two posts. Game three double overtime, a bad play by same sewn up behind the net and the Bruins. No, they take that game and, you know game for was a stinker in Game five happened game. They were right in it. Um That's the playoffs, man that is the playoffs. But Yes, I think that it doesn't necessarily revolve around getting the most out of Alex Ovechkin, doing it for Ovechkin toe prioritize his final years and then let's say that he's not going anywhere. He's going to re sign with the caps. But I think it's really to keep this window open and keep this team among the best in the end and shell. I think they need Tonto. I think they need to change something because a couple a couple years ago. After the cup, you know it was It was too straight exits and it was it was on the coach. They fired the coach to bring in love. You'll let And out. Now it's on the players because it happened again. So you're saying it's not always the coach's fault? Well, in the instance of the sabers, my friend, uh It. It has. Listen, dude, I you You covered this town, and you know that Even when the bills are at the very best, this still remains. A hockey tone at heart and where this organization and where Teri and Kim Pakula are sort of over on their watch, have let this thing go to Um, you know, I was on my bulldog yesterday, filling in for Mike and you know, it's It's troublesome. It's worrisome. I don't I'm running out of good words to use. But like they are close to losing this thing, man like that. And in a way that you know, I'm worried about, you know, next season about ticket sales, Dude, I mean, this is this is a town that watches hockey regardless of how bad it is Their national, like their TV ratings have been number two for the better part of a decade, and their TV rings are down. 38%, Shawn. I just As a former Western New York yourself, I'm one I'm wondering what your take is on, like just how dire and maybe how the rest of the league is looking at this situation. Yeah. You know what it is? It's sad. Yeah, it's just a sad state of affairs. But maybe I'm an eternal optimist. Look, I mean, it's really hard the law of averages right? Yeah, you do. But you've been due for subtle, huh? Look, winning cures all ills That's easy to say. Um, but, yeah, I mean, It took too long to get rid of Get rid of Kruger. Obviously way too. Um Look, the hockey and then at the NHL is way better When Buffalo's good I've been there. I know the passion for hockey. It's why I was so fired up to work there and And get a job there originally, and I still miss going to the rink. Being early to the rink is at first Niagara Center. What is it keeping center now?.

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