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Wherever the scene at the most. Like i could play both. I'm comfortable playing. Both i started all left when i got the buffalo. 'cause i killed more on our side and he was a right hand side so i didn't really have to move and then i was more needed on the right side. I wasn't left and last year washington. I can't do on the right side. So i could just stayed on the left so either ordeal for me. I'm comfortable playing so the secondary here in denver. Obviously we've got some young talent as you mentioned baas b and and who who is here and somebody you knew who whilst you know on this team who are you excited to be playing with To be honest. I don't really know that many people on a chain well i i do At school with the markets walker. That was one of my close friends in college. We both went to florida state Of course everybody know about von miller made my job. So i'm saying i'm decided to get out there and say so last year playing for the washington football team. I was your only airplane with washington and it was probably one of the weirdest years in the nfl. A team that dropped its name is waiting to pick up a new nickname and and just kind of plain jane out the uniforms and then you play during covid. How different was last season for you. Even though it was it was difficult in the beginning. You just had to get used to not having a fans you know like boost you up you know when you run out of the people in the stands like it gives you a certain type adrenaline rush that. It's hard to explain so you know. Sometimes you come sign away. The field like a little flat but like i feel like you know couple minutes into the game you know. Pick it back up so when you talk about playing here in denver. Have you ever played a game in the mile high city. I never i never played a game out there. Wow so it's going to be so when you come to denver. Is it going to be the first time you've ever been here my first time. Oh my goodness. Let me. just tell you something ronald you are in. You are in for a treat. This is maybe one of the most beautiful places in our country. And you're going to get you're going to get to play here in a pretty darn good defensive scheme. What do you know about vic. Fangio the kind of defense that we run here in denver I was on the phone with him. I saw 'em..

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