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Trujillo And I'm susannah Palmer in the Bloomberg newsroom. Dangerous levels of arsenic have been found in tap water at a public housing complex in the East Village area of New York City. Thousands of low income residents have been told not to drink or cook with water from their taps at the Jacob riis housing complex. The city's public advocate jumani Williams answered questions this morning at the scene. It was the first time that has been a positive test of arsenic in the city's water. In any of the water at all in the city. The cause of this is still unknown, many residents are worried because they don't know how long the water has been contaminated. Bed Bath & Beyond a chief financial officer Gustavo Arnaud fell to his death from a skyscraper in Manhattan's Tribeca neighborhood on Friday. The union New Jersey based company confirmed it was arnall who died in a statement. Earlier on Sunday, the New York police department named the person S 52 year old Arnold resident of 56 Leonard street, also known as the Jenga building. The deepening energy crisis is pushing the European Union to consider unorthodox measures to rein in soaring power and gas prices, these range from gas price caps to a temporary suspension of power derivatives trading. The 27 nation bloc suffered a new blow when Russia's Gazprom suddenly reversed its plan to resume flows through the Nord stream pipeline over the weekend. European leaders have been bracing for the prospect of supply cuts for months. More than a dozen states, including New York are considering adopting California's electric car mandate. John kabat attack of California's small business association is sounding the alarm about potential costs. Average prices of an EV right now are estimated at about $66,000, up 13% from last year. California's new rules require that all new cars pick ups and SUVs are electric or hydrogen powered by 2035. Global news 24 hours a day on air and on Bloomberg quicktake powered by more than 2700 journalists and analysts in more than 120 countries. I'm Susanna Palmer. This is Bloomberg. Your listening to Bloomberg business of sports from Bloomberg radio. Thanks for joining us on the Bloomberg business of sports show where we explored the big money issues in the world of sports on Michael Barr, along with scarlet fu, and Damien sass sour. We're previewing the NFL season with NBC Sunday Night football lead game analyst Chris collinsworth. We left off talking about some of the players Chris is excited about entering the new season. Chris now who else should I keep my eye on? There's a guy named Alec pierce who was a wide receiver taken in the maybe second or third round out of Cincinnati and he is that sort of deep threat kind of guy. Fires deep for Alec pierce in the end zone. He's got it. Touchdown. Bearcats. Alec pierce. If you can imagine a Michael Pittman and his

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