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24, to your health, sponsored by D.C. health, get vaccinated D.C., go to vaccinate dot D.C. dot gov. Back in the 60s, the lifespan of a person with down syndrome was just ten years. Now such a lifespan can last 60 years, but no guidelines were in place for treating the special health problems, many adults with down syndrome face. It's now changed. There is a guide for families and caretakers created by global or the global down syndrome foundation recommendations touch on the 9 most common types of health problems. It's a big win for three major drug distributors, a federal judge ruled in favor tonight of them in a landmark lawsuit that accused the companies of causing a health crisis by distributing 81 million pills over 8 years in one West Virginia county ravaged by opioid addiction. The verdict came nearly a year after closing arguments in a bench trial in the lawsuit filed by Kabul county and the city of Huntington, West Virginia, against AmerisourceBergen drug company, Cardinal Health, and McKesson corporation. The judge writes the opioid crisis has taken a considerable toll on the citizens of Kabul county and the city of Huntington, while there's a natural tendency to assign blame, they must be decided not based on sympathy, but on facts and the law. Now 9 25. Money news, 25 and 55 and Larry koski. This is a Bloomberg money minute. Dirty mirrors? Time to mix up some windex. SC Johnson hopes to sell fewer bottles of its popular glass cleaner and sell it just add water concentrated version instead. Bloomberg reporter daniella sertori cortina says that after a decade of trying, the company thinks it's an idea whose time has come. When I was talking to her CEO, you know, they were betting that basically awareness had come far enough that maybe this time it's actually going to stick. Not just for windex, but for other cleaning products, which are mostly water. They have a scrubbing bubbles. They have fantastic, and they have windex. So how easy is it? I tried a body wash made by Unilever. They tried to make it very clear to the consumer, like, okay, this is how much water you add, this is how you have to shake it. This is exactly why you have to do. For now, shoppers may see little benefit at the checkout, satori cortina says the price of concentrated versions is about the same as for the regular ones. From the Bloomberg newsroom, I'm Larry kofsky, on WTO. Tokyo stocks are up 1% the Shanghai composite a little lower other Asian markets are up by a quarter percent or so actually South Korea is rallying. It's up nearly 2%. We're watching that for you as Wall Street doesn't start its week. It's trading week until tomorrow. It's 9 27 here on WTO under the stars and all in the strikes of a beach towel in the spring break town. Little performance from earlier from Jack Owen as part of the capital fourth celebration

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