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Show talking to Charlie Kirk Charlie have given call Charles Kirk I especially my legal name twenty three a soon you realize not Charlie what Scottish in nature Abdullahi Charles Kirk it's chattels cantik which means church all in now I know Charlie Charmaine your book is called the maggot doctrine but we're talking about how this is likely a movement not a moment it does seem to me that something and I will be bold to say that god has used this president and has his hand on this president I can probably agree in spite of residents previous failings or current sale item until lately another issue go ahead yeah well so I speak at churches quite often across the country in the project we're doing at liberty university Falkirk center yes we Kerry follow junior has an emphasis on this and I want to give a shout out to our great friends at liberty university up the only college I put my name behind they do phenomenal work the Falkirk center following Kirk you know once you got to go down it is Scottish Rite mazing that that somebody who didn't go to college has his name that's you Kirk on a center and a great college America and you're you're you're you're so young so be careful because you might peak too soon but trust me it's I know if you keep your eyes on Jesus you'll be fine god willing but the Falkirk center is very exciting Jen Ellis was telling me how wonderful and you know I'm a huge fan of of liberty is huge I just full indoor smoking all enough yes enough about blind so I when I speak at these churches sometimes I'll get questions from well meaning Christians and say Charlie I don't like Donald trump's tone I don't like his demeanor yeah it's okay let's take a step backwards to one of my favorite biblical stories story of Samson there's nothing that I can teach in Sunday school about the story Sampson the lord came to him in a prostitutes bad twice he lived a sin filled life returns back on god and god called me to do one thing to fight the fights that the Israelites were not willing to fight take the jawbone of a donkey and go fight a thousand Philistines and I look at you can't see downtown this program you have to say ask all I'm sorry okay we're just making sure it's a family exactly right I was trying to be politically correct right right in in Paul's letter in Hebrew season of the famous hall of faith and we look at the story of Samson known for his hair Donald Trump on fresh air maybe some similarities there I don't know maybe not maybe maybe not AB however what why is the story of Samson instructive maybe because he was willing to do the fight that other people were not willing to do and the Bible is filled with stories like that but I love that store the most because nothing in his journey nothing in the brutality of what he did against the enemies of god's chosen people is something that is nice to talk about necessarily measured by you know I actually find it you know this always happens may find something amazing and I'm further amazed by the fact that I've not heard of before I like the idea that no one until now until you has brought up Sampson because clearly as you're saying there's nothing laudable about Sampson I can't teach that I mean can you imagine a ten year old is teach kids he's a by the way he was in a prostitutes bad advice and we know that's bad what you're saying it's in scripture he was in a process but because god I mean this is the thing this is about you know when I learned this from Bonn offer the incarnational quality of god he comes into our field yes he comes into our dirty in our mass in our brokenness and are seen in because he loves us that's exactly right and it's an amazing I mean it's hard to properly understand Luther also I mean with the more than anybody explains this and for a lot of people especially people who are I would say theologically fussy or Ferris St call and kind of obsessed with personal holiness this is anathema to them just as Jesus was anathema to the Pharisees I mean to do some of the things he did was was deeply disturbing and I think that it really the I would say trump forces us to re examine our theology in the in the case of Sampson is just well it's brilliant thank you for bringing that up thank you and to kind of close the point though you know Paul would not have put Sampson in a letter to Hebrews in the hall of faith if there's not something heroic and something if that was something that Christians can learn from there Anya the end of the Sampson story self sacrifice the ending of the story of Samson is that god give me one more chance to defeat the enemies I know I'm going out with them you don't think trump is going to bring this L. ng court down head no I'm not I'm not saying that trump stories going to and in that capacity but I think they're they're Gilbert goes out there's going to be a crowd there he's going to be in the middle pushing against the pillars it's a happy I'll give me a baby will work but your point being is that that same Sampson sacrificed a lot for the kingdom of god for god's chosen people and so just as president trump yeah however god calls people to sometimes fight the fight said god's chosen people are not always going to fight but but let me hit pause why to Seamus that's what we got that I sekali rod does this over and over in history windows when god said I'm going to bring this gospel and my messiah to to the Jew first right he says but if you are slow to move on this I will bring it to the gentiles to shame you to make you jealous and that's what god does this over yes over he says I'm gonna I'm gonna pick up the worst of the worst the thrice married philandering billionaire and you get to show you what I can do through anyone yes and I'm not here to bash previous Republican presidents not what I do is my job but I will say why did the three time married previous pro choice Planned Parenthood donating New York billionaire reaches late front page playboy magazine the first presence because the March for life amen why would George have you I'm not here bush bash I think he's over there that's my I think as a general idea of the bushes but the viewpoint is so clearly true you ask yourself this question over and over why would it be that guy why yes to be that guy in and part of it spiritually speaking is that god says I'm gonna show you he does it over and over through history you mentioned Sampson but there are innumerable cases of him choosing the last the words correctly they David while David was chosen among all his brothers it's like what about him it's a show set for to be very similar over over again that's god's M. O. yeah and and I I challenge Christians I say so let me let me perfect what I asked people what do you want in a leader and they say well I want the leader to be role a role model she really is that what parents are for first and foremost never growing up that my father say you know that bush I want you to be like that guy and I'm not I'm not I'm not going to you know say every single you know peace is an excuse for that behavior role model start the proximity to the children this this this leftist narrative that somehow the people that we put in positions of power are dark we should we we've got we've got to get another break about I just want to say like there is no doubt that Obama is a good father a good husband but he allowed millions of babies to be butchered in the womb and the discussion he ended traditional marriages I mean it goes on and on do we not bring that up we'll be right back with Charlie Kirk let.

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