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March is on track to surpass those figures that is ABC's Tara Palmeri. Now, the latest traffic and weather together eastbound Norwood lateral, the ramp to I seventy five currently. Blocked off due to an accident. Now the latest forecast from the advanced dentistry weather center. Moving your fear of seeing the dentist with the help of by sedation. Learn more at no fear debt, his dot com. We'll see mostly sunny skies later on this afternoon with a high of thirty nine partly cloudy tonight, you're low down to twenty seven sunshine for your Monday, a bit warmer high of fifty it's thirty one degrees right now. Police in Lincoln heights discovered. A man found shot and lying on the street on Chamberlain avenue Saturday morning. Fifty year old Kirk Allison was later pronounced dead UC medical center. Still no word on any suspects. You can help police in the investigation. Call crime stoppers at three five to thirty forty a crash in Middletown has left one person dead and another injured the collision occurred between eight and nine o'clock Saturday morning on Dixie highway at Manchester road in Middletown. The Ohio State patrol says a car driven by twenty old. Darius Hawkins failed to yield to a red light. And struck a Honda CR V driven by. I seventy eight year old Roger Lohman of Middletown Lohman, drove off the road into a ditch killing him and seriously, injuring passenger normal Lohman, the state patrol isn't specific but says alcohol, and or drugs are suspected to have been a factor in the deadly crash. Matt Reeves NewsRadio seven hundred wwl W FC C Cincinnati's three game on beaten streak came to an end Saturday night. The orange and blue losing to the Philadelphia union to nil a reds update. After yesterday's rain out Sonny gray makes his reds debut this afternoon against the pirates. I pitch from great American ballpark is one ten. Our pre game coverage continues in just a few moments. Our next update will be after the game. Rick NewsRadio seven hundred wwl w news twenty four hours a day. Radio seven hundred w l w. Credit? Motors. Eastern's automotive group where your job is your credit is man this March to put you in a new vehicle so Easterns has dropped their prices for this sale for the first time in their history. Easterns automotive group has over a thousand cars to choose from a seven day return policy plus complementary warranties on every car. So if you're mad this March for a new ride visit Easterns dot com today sale ends March thirty first seventy seven percent of rural counties lack sufficient primary.

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