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And I feel like we could talk about him for very long time. But that announcement again is going to happen tomorrow. Thursday, ten thirty AM bell center. We will be there so excited about that. And my understanding is he'll also be honored at the Canadians. Flyers game later that night at the bell centre as well. So congratulations suggest piano phenomenal career. And I'm very curious to hear what he has to say. And I will admit them a little sack because I do feel like this is the end of an era and the sport. There aren't a lot of GSP's left from that era that I think may be attracted a lot of us to the sport. And certainly for me as a Canadian as Montreal or it's it's a bittersweet moment. So I think he could be very active till this day. Like, I think he could be a lot of fighters in the, but hey, like Lennox Lewis, another great Canadian, by the way. But that thinking that you said, yeah, that's the problem that I think a lot of these guys think I could still beat all these guys. And that's the problem. They don't walk away. So I think that George is smart. He's done it twice now. Yeah. He's he's realized the first time that he was he wanted needed separate. And he did it didn't say retire. But he's he needed to step away. Now, he's prepared to actually say retire. And the fact that he didn't say before, but he's going to say this time, I think this is good good for him. And it's not just the fight game thing. Right. I mean, it's sometimes it's the thing that we kind of make fun of the fight game about. But like, let's be honest. It's a sports thing. Like, no one walks away on top, Michael, Jordan. Couldn't do it. Right. I mean, the greatest Willie Mays couldn't do it on eighties in the midst could be one of those guys who could do it. But like, it's very rare thing in sports when you're champion. That's why I think DC's not going to do it you're doing so. Well, you're champing you're making money to just walk away. Like, this is an incredibly impressive feat in its own right, right? It's also he did in the cage, it's not athletes, but to walk away like this in sports like I can't think of many guys who walked away quote unquote on top. I'm trying to I'm trying to think who did that though, it doesn't happen. I mean, rocky Marciano. Walked away from boxing undefeated Floyd Mayweather walked away undefeated. But but he keeps coming back doing all kinds of weird things. And you know, he he even he, you know, he's not going back to boxing. But he, but he can't you can't quite get something out of a system. He needs something, you know, an MA. Jeez. I don't even know of who's some guys walked Chris Lytle walked away on a win. But he's come back to do bare knuckle fighting. I mean even Kobe Bryant like they didn't even make or did they make the playoffs. They lost last game against the Utah or something like that. They did nothing in his final season. Right. There were kind of. So the gray manning Peyton Manning walked away after winning the SuperBowl Diddy. Yes. Yes. With the Broncos. Yes. Is that correct? Daniel. That's correct. Okay. That's a resume the NFL guru it just so much different. With them may though, I think just because you're literally people are trying to beat each other up. And it's so strenuous on your body that you could keep going in the NBA. And you know, it's obviously really tough to do that physically. But I just think enemy is different. And you don't want to suffer potential, brain damage and. Whatever else long-term, you know, by keeping yourself going just for the sake of going. Yeah. What a great fight. That would have been him beat though. Oh, just stylus moving wins that fight Jeff. I guess it would depend on when it when it happened. And what George looks like on on the way ends being? I think about it. You know, he's last fight was one hundred eighty five pounds. This is one hundred and fifty five pound. Yeah. That's thirty pounds of a guy. Who is we look I can lose thirty pounds, and you won't even notice..

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