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Are a ad campaign one more national public radio critic goal as the welsh he resented even being asked to review it action that a sanity to elitist sensibilities why you're reading this he asked it's a serious question he's talking about his review i'm sincerely curious why you sitting there right now ring a review of the movie deathwish for my part i can tell you that the reason i'm writing this reviews because it's my job but you what's your shoes i mean it's deathwish so there you go there by the way that same review and onto mock bruce willis his appearance comparing him to a peanuts and thinking this is this is someone who's pangs that we're paying a salary having a hard core biased review and he's mocking the appearance of an actor when his at appropriate a constant another theme that was prevalent in little hope i i just got hooked on reading all these negative reviews again agenda driven uh he talks about paul kersey people like that think they're ending the cycle of violence when they're really just perpetuating it no he doesn't think he's ending the cycle of violence that can't be and it is a reality what he's doing is is attracting some degree of justice outside of the those justice system and getting some closure because of the revenge factor there's no notion that this is going to make society gun lists are peaceful i'm an adult words sometimes epa say it's amazing all right let's give it a robo be going to some was an apples with let's take a break here we'll talk to is it the joseph after that was seen deathwish in than you and i will read it as well when you're looking to hire somebody new it can feel like nothing but a numbers game how many resume should i look at how many interviews should i do but the most.

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