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Cars a day back in the late nineteen fifties but now about one hundred and forty five thousand cars and trucks use that interstate every day in the downtown Fort Worth area and. North and speaking of transportation when picking up a passenger a Dallas Fort Worth airport An important change coming in September we, are no longer going to allow people to remain in their, cars on the Kurds so fact of September eighth it will be active loading. And unloading only at all of our curbside the airports. CEO Sean Donahue says due to many factors. The curbs at the terminals are becoming way too crowded need says the airport is adding twelve. Hundred short term parking spots in the garages where people can park at no additional cost the news, continues for LBJ techs press lanes accident investigators are on the trail of an oak cliff man for. A deadly crash that happened early Saturday in Dallas and KRLD's LP Phillips reports they have a name and they have a. License number but not the man the, fatal wreck was actually part of another couple of accidents in the northbound lanes of I thirty five e between market center and medical district the first, wreck was between two cars Minutes later Twenty-seven-year-old amid Shahada, was driving along didn't. See the racket been involved in a previous accident with two other people that have been involved in I accident he took some photographs of the. Accident scene and was returning to vehicle On the side of. Traffic when he was actually struck and killed. Tone up against his vehicle person who hit Shahada did not stop. Police got a picture of his license plate and, say, they want to talk to an oak cliff man named Jeff body they're hoping the public and help. Find.

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