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To push for the playoffs i mean last year they were pushing for playoffs until you know a little later in the season kansas city is in a bit of a a transition period right now with moving to patrick mahomes instead of alex smith denver has case keenum but i think that'd defenseman look a lot different without a keep to leave they you know they're part of their identities as having those too strong corners on outside and we'll see what how did even gonna look without to to live there san diego's a wildcard but they have a really old quarterback philip rivers and we know what happens with their injury luck and they ready loss hunter henry for the season for i think it's fair to to expect the rage to push for the playoffs i think maybe ten eleven ten to eleven wins you know i think they could push for that i'm not saying that bill that's prediction but i think they can't push for ten to eleven when yeah i mean it's an interesting thing early season schedule they play the rams week one that'll be really fascinating match up for you i'm sure and a lot of ways you know getting into see like you said a team that's really taken a lot of principles and a lot of ideas from the rams versus the rams themselves and seeing what the rams have in store for your to the show mcvay air and then at denver like you said a team in transition at miami than hosting cleveland i four weeks in the year so i mean you know two home games against the rams and browns to road games against the broncos and dolphins it's not you know i'm not saying it's likely but it's not crazy to imagine the raiders getting off to a hot start yeah yeah sure really interesting all right ted so i mean you're always a pleasure to have on always a pleasure to reach your stuff where can people check out the excess knows work you're doing the scheme work you're doing in the raiders coverage you're doing so i write pretty athletic you could find my work on the athletes san francisco for the raiders the niners covering more teams now so i write occasional articles for different teams but is on the athletic so check that out and described if you haven't scribe i'm on twitter at sp underscore film analysis to get me there as well great boss somebody definitely recommend you check out ted win thank you so much thanks for having me on all right thanks so much listening to us talk about football today thanks to courtney cronin if espn thanks ted win if the atlantic we're gonna come back next week and talk i believe more football training camp is on the way more bill barnwell show coming on eli's mom news she had a strong kick even back in the womb and from then on allie was always kicking a ball and saying she was going to play pro soccer and one day mostly was kicking a ball against a wall her skills drew even more attention erba said could you please stop that and gave me those quarterly numbers i asked for turns out alley just wasn't that good a talker but she was a good accountant that's why she switched to gyco she knew they could save her a bunch of money on car insurance nj sure wasn't ever gonna make that pro sucker money news or.

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