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You. Must build it. Correct. Don't know how much money you have. That's right. Cannot use general revenue, but here's another ultimatum. In april. We're going to have the ABC rodeo in April twenty nineteen is something going to be in place by April twenty twenty. I doubt it. I mean, if we're talking a an expo center like like we're dreaming about. I mean, we're the win take two plus years or maybe even longer to build so maybe ABC rodeo twenty twenty two twenty three well, A J. I do want to be very realistic here. We're not building the facility strictly for the ABC rodeo, we can't I mean, you can't put a, you know, forty million dollars into saving this one rodeo this has to be multi use it has to be it has to be suitable for Lubbock needs for the next forty fifty years. And so its size it scope its use is not just for one rodeo one week a year. It's that's one of its purposes, and what it should be one of its hundreds of purple there. You're not just speaking to me. You're speaking to a lot of people who hey, look, we're going to ABC rodeo them. We're going to implode. The Coliseum in the assumption. There is something will be in place thereafter. And you're saying that's not real. There will be something in place thereafter. I just I cannot tell you. I can't tell you timeframe that that will be built. Yeah. So you're just working with the blink cabinets right now that exactly right. Undisclosed number an unknown number from the controller yet. We have some guesses, but I can't move until I get that certified from the contra. So it is just ale. I said it during during the campaign in aborted for it. But I said look what you see a rendering 's renderings of somebody's raining. Yeah. That's right. It was a dream. And and we and I want to as county judge make those dreams come true. And because this half to this is what Lubbock county needs. And so please hear me very carefully. I want to build a facility that will suit Lubbock county's needs for the next forty fifty years, and it and it needs to be a crown jewel. It needs. To be a place where then we can go out and market that and pull in some some events that we've never been able to bring hot taxes tuten to ultimately increase. That's right. Our hotel. We're building hotels in Lubbock like crazy. I mean, just look at the the hotel building Boone that's going on. And so we need to fill those up, and if we can build a facility that will draw in visitors from all over and come to our community, the stay at our hotels, eat at our, restaurants, etc. Shop at our shops than we have done something. Very wonderful. We've done some economic development for this community, and we have fulfilled. The mandate of the voter to say, we want something good..

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