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I'm living in a big pile MacWorld and underwear. Hey, this is MAC some of your probably wonder where Weldon is he got shot by bandits. He was really enamored with a noise that he could make with his mouth, and he became so addicted to making that noise that he ultimately alienated everyone he knew and started picking fights with people at the saloon and Darren them to try to make him stop making the noise. Well, you don't make the noise anymore. Well, do was shot by bandits and the bandits went through and they did left his wallet. And they left all his jewelry autumn. And the only thing they stole were Samak Weldon underwears because that's how comfy this stuff is not only do MAC wilderness. Underwear socks insurance? Look good, they perform well too. And they were kept. They the underwears were actually worth taking they were clean and safe. Even though he'd been shot follows that Weldon because he wouldn't stop doing that noise that he's thinks is so impressive. There's a line of silver underwear and shirts that are naturally antimicrobial, which means they eliminate odor. And and that's that's what Weldon hat on and part Sparta. Why the bandits felt comfortable where it at other manned underwear deadman's underwear because they knew in fact that. That that they were still going to be a clean and safe. You know, me personally, I put on the sweat shorts that they have. And I'm so comfy on my horse. Just riding around and nice pair of sweat shorts. I go why did cow who is, you know, used to wear such uncomfortable stuff when they could have been wearing some of this MacWorld and stuff that I like so much the virgin website is so easy to use. Can do it right? From the. Tumbleweed? Anyway, if you don't let your first pair, you can keep it in and now still refund, you know, questions asked, and you don't want to answer any of those questions about why you didn't like your underwear could be uncomfortable. For twenty percent off your first order, visit MAC and.

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