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Accident near phoenix in march although uber said they were still being paid the shutdown does not involve all the ride hailing services work in selfdriving tech though the company says it plans to restart testing in pittsburgh once federal investigators wrap up their work and they're in talks about a restart in california as well on jan johnson thanks john we have your eastside westside traffic as you try to get home today lee powell and steve geller here we got a lot of slowing on the santan joann the two zero two eastbound checking here it looks like a kicks in around the one oh one gonna ride that slow and go out to about gilbert road same thing on the southbound packed in from the tilt you red mountain freeway out to the sixty on the sixty eastbound more slowing mcclintock over to country club drive what a what westbound very slow long stretch westbound starting at hayden all the way out to nineteenth avenue crash on alma school in warner road we'll get that ongoing closure in mesa in mesa drive between main street and i street you're heading home you wanna use country club driver even broadway but avoid that area steve howey looking on the west side well we have an accident off left eye ten westbound at fifty first avenue one a one westbound after fifty first avenue we have an accident off right there i seventeen northbound approaching the i ten staff we've got a crash off right and an accident seventh street south of southern next traffic five forty five st trello five fifty k f y hey this is mike broomhead you talking about carol royse keller williams realty east valley your valleywide realtor i'm with wayne who was a client tell me about the experience hired caroline her team and it was just a matter of weeks that i had lots of people going through the home and had two offers in the same week so carol's team of people really gets results we say that all the time but few at work and you had someone else you didn't get it done that's correct it was really difficult before and i wasn't having any showings and caroline our team just brought in the buyers so it's not sacrificing time for money or money for time she got you both top dollar and she sold it fast she was fantastic and the.

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