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And the only option for me to be able to spend time with my family was if they come with me in the eye and the coach in the tour of all that sounds very nice but you don't you don't park illegally in front someone's driveway do you all right and exactly and that's kind of my point that i was to screen out with that um you know we're in situations where we have to park one night maybe at a truck stop on our way from one place to another and we've actually at truck stop had have you know problems where they said hey you we can't have a anything but a semi truck parked here because we have rvs that come and park here and they don't we must or not like that way through um you know if you get to another destination sort what other good and i'm here for one night i have to flee southern drive and seventeen hours um i assume you private coach has its own facilities you can go to the bathroom in your car your dad okay and we don't you know when when things like happen like like people start park in their cars rvs walmart for five days it actually those of us who are who are just trying to uh you know to to do with the right way and you know we restate our you've resorts of parks if we have to um pipe the coach and proper place with some hotels singing for a convention and they'll put cones out let me park the coach and they're uh in the parking lot but they all have policies against overnight parking for people with their campers of their cars and it's there for a reason and you know when people kind of violate that it actually it hurts those of a is there it's an outstanding points scott and i and i do want to add jump onto that point to to make another point is is essential to make here is whenever i talk about this issue people always want say well this is just the rich against the poor yeah yeah you're rich people own your own homes i you can be really harsh on the homeless because you on your own homes and gated communities matter than that and um look it it is not wealthy people it.

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