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Can take a walk in here Eh. You better believe a little bit of. We'll get there. We'll go ahead Steve. The woman is wearing jade green contacts and she has fingernails that are inch-long should have been warned Terminal Lee. Should've I should've got barbershop. I should have but I already know like booking hours to kill so I could go to the sheesh on Wilbur. Steve makes it sound like you mentioned this. A twenty six times a straight luncheon. The tennis go fucking see a movie or read a book go for a walk. It's a beautiful day. Oh Ninety Arthur prison for ten years. It's all afternoon. He was very angry because he had a burger someplace. That wasn't very good or something. Who so we'll go over? The Burger was the bright spot. We'll get and believe me we'll go. We'll get to the Burger Birmingham with this haircut. C Walk in I walk in and I make the appointment and everything. Are We fucking thirty minutes in my car before they can take me and then this meathead is like oh I'm GonNa fade it. Do you think it looks good and I wanted to shave. And he said well look better if you had a trim. I know a good beard when I see one like this guy. put down a new customer helpful helpful so we were a new customer so they put a new customer on the little slip and so the entire time is him trying to get me to come back so he can give me another shitty haircut. Lie Them and say oh come back. I told him I was never coming back. I said I'd never want to be in fucking Burlington ever again. That's the worst folks if you can pick your Burlington fifteen minutes where you live. It's it's a sidebar though it's fifteen minutes from where I lived. It's probably now eight miles from where you live. But it's at least a two hour one hour drive because traffic in his fucking miserable state is always so shitty. I agree. That's why I've never gone. You're an idiot for going over idiot moron. I have no sense of. They don't have any kids that do this is a matter. I could've been sitting on my couch with my lovely wife doing enjoying conversation. Awesome talking with a sensitive Dave colonnade insensitive blind. We'll get there but I'm more into the sea. Robertson journey goes from haircut. The Burger after that. Yes I met up with the my Brother's brother-in-law's brother Creator hold on your Benz. Yes yes Benz brother-in-law Benz brother-in-law's brother Ben's brother-in-law's brother more efficient more officially known as the creator of Steve Murdered Me and other other classic songs. I didn't know that okay. It's just the from the from the one car wife. Yes okay if you'll forget about the old one so get the car away. Okay yes okay. So where did you meet him at a Burger place which I then discovered was actually a red robin affiliate I have they. They gave me five every my down on Red Robin they gave me five fucking French fries. Discoveries look at this Mike when you find out a little bit like this. You're like Nicholas Cage in national treasure discovered something right there. He discovered that there was a map he discovered. There was an affiliate. I believe it was called. It was called Burgers and bruise systems. Bob I'm sorry to bother you but I may have broken. I got a big story I gotTa Sizzler Sizzler. You're not gonNA leave this coming back there. Five French fries and this is an affiliate of Red Rub. Good I'm not going to say Elsie. The crow will be flying days. There's there's like ten capital Burger next to the Burger Bruce. I thought the Burger Bruce might be a little bit more affordable adapter. My eighty dollar from you can hear that little fancy Schmancy Burlington area. We're like the Tony Sees Burn Abell. I know you're you're so I skipped one ten grill. It's called Burgers and Bruce they'll call it off burgers and brewers Ramallo yes. Why don't you go the Chick Fil as well? Yeah big mistake. How much you spend for the Burger? I didn't my brother's brother-in-law's brother paid. You'll really paid the Red Robin actually like Red Robin. You're the Burger was good. But I think the steak fries right. Yeah I of them once you ask for what you say. Hey listen to. I'm not a big complainer. Planer when I get bad service or bad haircuts on you on you I mean I I must of weakness to complain about well. Yeah but you're living in the moment you complain go after afterwards. It's okay to complete sitting there with this shitty haircut needing five French fries asshole Yes for all in for fucking. Do you ever complain about the meal. Once last time I could play the mobile complain yesterday. I did it like that lunch yesterday. Oh by the way invited me to lunch. Wow I did in paid for lunch. He did. Oh speaking of which most this burger with the fuck so I gotTa Watch yesterday. Be Quick Quick Lunch before tennis yesterday. Right Steve Steve Robinson's Kirkman the hand. uh-huh my brother Ham where there my brother-in-law lives in celebration. We met US up from which Thank God because there's not much lower Steve I was called. I called everybody in the poor. uh-huh please thousand dollars just not had lunch. But that's okay. Whatever you want me to go you wanted to go yesterday? You're you're I think you're putting more into that yesterday. His lunch she were talking about it here. Because you didn't enjoy it was good so I order meatball sandwich. Ironically because of course I sorted do the to poke fun at St. Jacques Course Yeah fucking learned a lesson ideas. My brother Adam did the same. So I said Steve. I'll pay for it if you want for much. No big deal. It's like this not not before I ordered. Who paid for it? You did pay for it and I had my wallet out. I knew my new. Nobody'll steve walked up. He goes yeah. All of a large Margarita. Pizza please guys like the guy who could speak English. You mean just for yourself also another. Steve Lied Half for dinner. Which didn't happen I did? I ate that entire fucking pizza. The hamburger yes. I had the hamburger and it was like. We've what are you doing. So so you and the guy calls over this massive pizza or three quarters of the table. I happen to know I was in line. I had my wallet my hand and I said no I I will pay for it because I'm getting a sixteen inch. Pizza recognized that this was. It's not just a lunch or lunch wasn't total. How much did you hear him? Did you hear what Bob I think. My Pizza was probably fifteen sixteen bucks forty five dollars to Shitty CD meatball sandwich. Yes and a large twenty bucks one of the best date. Not One of the best restaurant picks on Kirk. No that's on me. Why didn't you like the look of it? Though the idea of it I did call the traitor frater Doria joint. Yeah it seemed like it was going to be alright. At Galliano's I was driving around that little complex Sudbury and I was like. Why did Kirk pick this place? Then I saw dance the studio did I cook section forty other stuff a before I give you the full meatball report from last night and all the fallout and all the stuff going on with the bright thinkers short new enemy to what you're talking about good we'll get to that as well We'll go to Roman which by the way we love and this little little Thanksgiving for you guys. Okay if you WANNA enjoy after you have your big Turkey right if few stuff to win a workout. You wouldn't do a lecture. CISE your altogether you with your family dysfunction. I mean let's keep telling you it's burn these calories no sleep on Susa fucking. Let's do it Roman Hohmann. Romans should be one of the side dishes in the in cooter. Malts at the table Thanksgiving well grab and swipe later on very. Ah yes I agree especially tonight by the way always high school reunions right. I mean let's go. This is your chance to get back in for you for example my window window. Remember me success. You and Lindsey Anderson from the down shelby into shelby Anderson from the fish shake in that one she didn't well. It's not to be compared here to me. Why what was her she she a club or something I guess? Yeah Oh did you see that. She was wounded. Yes most likely to fall down the stairs. Who mentioned that on the show before I don't I've I've got the note that I'm just saying? Yes she seemed like she seemed like a nice happy go. Lucky person earliest fans have already perv down. There is no doubt that ruined her life. How many kids? She she has or she may be here tonight. If he's there I've I've I've lost touch with going to reenact the picture. Yes that's important. If I find her we will. Good so The point is if she wants to fuck. You WanNa fuck you tonight. Well what are you GONNA.

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