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The card mega millions jackpot is two hundred seventeen billion dollars anything can happen in jersyans news time 503 spots of rain or to maybe even three this afternoon and evening but as the night progresses accu weather says so we'll our weekend supposed to be really nice south let's bringing meteorologist john feerick now for the big picture which begins to crystallise may be around sunset deny done here looks like things are gonna be improving here certainly tonight larry there's abacha substanial rain that's now shifting off to the east moving across long island and were drying out at least for the time being in the five boroughs but there can be another shower thunderstorm crossing the area a little bit later on the seething but not that steady rain that we've seen the last couple of hours once any shower thunderstorm moves through later on this evening them we're dry later on tonight is lingering clouds and can really nice weather on tap for the weekend humidity thumbs down a little bit tomorrow with some genre up into the low mid '80s and pretty much the same story on sunday seductively get out and enjoy it if you can larry thank you sir we'll check back in with you later stay would tent and winds for all your accu weather updates wins news time 508 four also tonight a neighbor has been charged now in the gruesome death of an 11yearold girl and qian's berg lease now saying eleven euro abby smith suffered through a stabbing before she died ten wins news man al jones covering the investigation but teenage suspect entered the courtroom hands tied head down andrea cerezo's every move followed a deadly by the family of abigail smith monmouth county prosecutor christopher grammercy oranje this is this is one of the worst crimes that i've seen as alleged any time there is a child victim involved is truly handles 11yearold went missing wednesday evening fatally stabbed in the neck her body found the next morning behind her kuenssberg above and building her 18yearold neighbor under arrest abigail mothers words chased ariso from the courtroom whoa the roswell we'll be back in court next wednesday algerians ten ten wins.

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