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It's Kinda like when when you throw the. Stone in the lake it. Kinda like seeing the the the I it's like. CNN stow-n-go in the lake rather than just seeing the ripples that emanate from where the stony. It's a lake. All that consumer measurements Kinda see the the the ripples way at the end of it as opposed to you know win, the stone hits the water. Yes, so that is very interesting days, so the reason obsessions again if you kind of rewind time twelve months before. Kobe Kit You actually saw the street metrics. Beginning to soften. And it would have indicated in normal time. It would have indicated maybe a spilling Donald Economy maybe not quite recession, but but definitely slowing down on the economy. and Ben Post. Colbert Seeing as sort of things coming back up in big industrial metrics. Yeah yes, well it, you know truthfully, it's a yes bought. so yes, but. Certain. Industries, an types of products, so you know if you look at at grocery stores for example or that whole grocery retail supply chain. For most of the certainly, the core products in that supply chain. This has been a great time except for the cost increase. Because of of having to be more careful because of the virus, so so costs have increase in nets by Jane but. When Costs Increase Alive Times that's good for. The people that are. Are you know absorbing and you know using some of that cost to add services. or Different attributes to the supply chain, so yes, so and and now in other supply chains a payroll. you know shoes certain kinds of. Electronics, it's been disastrous. There's a whole. Chunk of the economy that that. Just just almost disappeared. rather quickly I. Mean Look at all the retail. Bankruptcies you've seen. It's not the grocery retailers that are gone bankrupt. It's the department stores in The fashion stores I mean. you know a terrible business to be in right now would be women's apparel, and so so it it depends and we. We look at that pretty carefully. you know by which which industry is doing? Why and I mean it's really logical. It's something that that I'm sure your listeners could figure out. Some industries are extremely well and have had had capacity and and and some are not so. You know it's surprising that the furniture industry.

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