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Can i put my finger in his i like what what exactly are the rules the i must say the amount of wrestling is down four hundred twenty one percent in this country like when i was ten eleven my son's eleven all i did was go at it with my friends at nonstop all day every had an accident piledriver off the south atlantic and you and blocks handle and to discuss the rat thing i was at the time before puberty kicked in i was superior to all my friends i throw them around like rag dolls and so what we used to do is i'd say well it's no use just wrestling their this went on eleven now by the time this same kid with sixteen he was kick in my ass but at the time i'd say look i'm just gonna lay down in upenn me we'll see how long it takes for me to throw you off me in pain you because we had to make some something challenging other than me just winning my 10th match in a row is like a really point spread you you spotted him right down by i have experienced this i wa i i walk into the living room i see my son and his four friends and they're all sitting there playing a video game or something and it's not all about that he's got a trampoline he jumped up and down and they play basketball and stuff like that but i do walk in i go how can we guys are going at it how come nobody's got anyone in a headlock rise and somebody why aren't you guys down on the floor like rolling around.

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