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This week on notes from America, meet a climate scientist who happens to be an evangelical. Our faith and work intersect. Plus, actor Omar Epps on his new novel, which imagines a world that did not address the climate crisis in time. So now wherever you get your podcasts. Listener supported WNYC studios. Sometimes, especially if you're in or adjacent to our business, it's easy to forget that social media stern and drung is a very recent consequence of rather new media. In fact, it was only until after the passage of the 1984 cable act that cable began to have any kind of impact until then for most of us screen watchers it was just the big three networks and maybe a couple of syndicated channels, reception was variable and going live was complicated costly and rare. Nevertheless, after Friday, November 22nd, 1963, live coverage was required no matter the cost. Whenever a president left The White House, we first had this piece, one of our favorites in 2003. In it WNYC's Sarah fisco recollects those dreadful days in November. When everyone was paralyzed in front of our TV screens ladies and gentlemen, conductor Eric line store, symphony hall, Boston, November 22nd, 1963. We have a plus report over the wires that the president of the United States has been the victim of an assassination. If you were alive and over say 5 years old in November 1963, wherever you were, you remember it. We will play the funeral march from Beethoven's third symphony. The nation heard the news over wire services, radio, by word of mouth, public announcement, and most dramatically, on television. Television took over our lives for what are sometimes called those four dark days in Dallas. The Friday of the assassination of president John F. Kennedy and the Saturday Sunday and Monday that followed. And on the next Thursday after that, the country huddled around its Thanksgiving table, struggling to recover, which, I guess we did. But after that November, we would never be the same, and neither would TV. Has happened in the motorcade route, something I repeat has happened

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