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Welcome to the Peter King podcast or we'll cover week seven in the National Football League and actually quite a lot more this week my guest this week jets and right now he is playing at an all world level as good as he's ever played in his ten year career we'll also be joined by Terry mcaulay WHO's three times super bowl referee and now the NFL rules analyst for NBC. See you hear him with Alan Chris on Sunday nights also this week we'll be joined by Jim Rooney who is one of the Rooney family in Pittsburgh he's a son of the late Dan Rooney and he wrote a book that's really really interesting it's basically about the Dan Bruni way it's called Dan Rooney a different way to win talks a lot about the Rooney rule talks a lot about why the steelers have succeeded by staying the course over the years you're gonNA WANNA listen to Jim Rooney okay but I just wanted to tell you about a cool thing I was able to do this summer I hope you're going to get to be able to see this week on NBC Sports Network it's a it's a show called film study Ma homes and Farve and that's pretty much exactly how it sounds. I sat in a film room in Kansas City August with Brett Farve. Patrick mahomes Andy Reid Andy Reid had the coaches clicker which is apt and he went through a bunch of places Farve a bunch of plays of mahomes and I went there to do this as a piece for NBC's Sunday night football for football night in America for the pre game show before the Green Bay Kansas City game and obviously mahomes got hurt so it kind of put a little bit of a damper on this great video and great show we got but the BRAINIACS AT NBC who I think no atv decided listen let's make a half hour show out of the forty five minutes you had with read Farve Mahomes in that film room on that August afternoon in Kansas City so that's what we did it's going to err on NBC it's network Wednesday night that's tonight if you're listening to the podcast on Wednesday so Wednesday night October twenty three at eleven in Thirty PM EASTERN NBC Sports Network it will also air Thursday at six PM on NBC Sports Network so DVR alert. You're going to really like this show so couple things I would tell you that I found interesting number one I had this idea last bring and everybody at NBC said Hey Listen Go for it if you can do that it'd be wonderful so I convinced far to come to Kansas City and Andy Reid was into it and Patrick mahomes spent over two hours on an off day right after the chiefs Broke Training Camp and when we were walking out after I actually got Patrick Mahomes I don't WanNa spoil this but I got Patrick Mahomes in Brett Farr have to play catch on the field in the chiefs indoor facility and it was such a cool moment you know as I say in the in the as I said I felt like I feel like I'm watching field of dreams with a Kevin Costner playing catch with his old man and so anyway we're walking out of there in the afternoon mahomes says to me hey this was really great thanks I really appreciate you setting it up so just grateful to be able to do this farve and Mahomes who obviously are so much like each other on the field had met each other before but had never converse had a conversation and you'll be able to see in this great interaction that they have in this film room at the chiefs facility in Kansas City how they get along and how I think mahomes might have learned a couple of things from watching farve and talking too far that who knows we'll see on the field but anyway that is a shameless plug for something I'm doing but I know if you invest half hour of your time you're really going to initiate this I know it's one of the most fun things that I've done in my years covering the national football league so let's start the pod we're going to start this week with Devin mccourty the all pro safety of the Patriots coming off that incredible victory on Monday night thirty three to nothing over the New York jets and really what you're seeing in this New England patriots team if it keeps going now obviously they've had a soft schedule but if it keeps going and be watching and you are watching one of the best defences ever to play so let's hear from Devin mccourty happy to be joined by the national the football league's leader in interceptions as we approach midseason Devin mccourty safety with the League's best is defense the New England Patriots Devon thanks so much for joining me no no problem for me all so devon I think I I just like to ask you what in the world is it like to play for a team that has eighteen interception and then allowed one touchdown pass so far this year you're at a you're playing at a at a historic levels so far there's been a lot of fun I think the the best part has been just a relationship with the guys on the team you know even talking you know we're in a hotel Sunday night and it's like six hundred seventy bucks at the table all the way to like nine fifteen nine thirty at night just sit down there and talking about nothing just enjoying each other's company I think been a good part is defense we all get along well we enjoy playing with each other we enjoy the success of the group more than anything so we really enjoyed got could you have predicted at the start of this year how well you would have played for the first half of the season I mean the numbers that you guys are putting up statistically you're basically allowing three offensive touchdowns in seven weeks that's on pace to be one of the greatest defenses in the one hundred seasons of professional football I mean did you see this coming all of the numbers all of that we were very confident coming in as a defense just you know you go through training camp starts starts do things not coming off last year where we're able to pick up as far as a scheme knowledge standpoint was more events than we have been in the last couple years So I think we took full advantage of that and we were we were doing something we didn't do until November December last year and eight hundred May and I think one of the things that it's so interesting to watch quite honestly is the way that you make it so hard to predict what it is you're going to do on defense you could see this week with Sam darnold he really didn't know where the pressure was coming from is that something that you guys work so hard to disguise yeah we put a lot into that you know build always coming up in the safety room into the backers about trying to make it tough and not just lining up in our calls each time to go out there so you know then quarterback if we play we WANNA make it tough you know especially now these quarterbacks are so talented they're able to re coverages and they're really able to get the ball where they want so if you make it easy it's going to be update for you so we've always tried discussing nothing now understood and beef is of knowing what we want to disguise not just doing things but actually showing different things already done or might do on I think it's made us a better decent Devon I'm sure you heard on Monday night when when Sam Darnold was caught on the sidelines saying man I'm seeing ghosts and I think a lot has been made of that in the hours since the game but I I don't necessarily view that as something bad about darnold here's how I view it I view it as so hard to figure out where you guys are coming from and so he'll look to a certain place where maybe the tendencies would be okay I'm going to have a blitzer her in this gap and there's nobody there but the blitzer is coming in another gap and so when you thought when you heard that what did you think I'm like I think much of it I think you put that together with our line boundaries been calling themselves boogeyman training camp so you put it all together I mean it's you know it's great stuff for the media so for us I think the big deal I think that's the same way she decided to say but as players we've all been there before we're just not going right And I think for us as a decent that gives us confidence of what we need to do has started each week we'll go out there and play against different quarterback I wonder so far in the first half of this season you know you're leading the NFL and interceptions and wonder if I mean you had seven interceptions in your rookie year in two thousand ten but would you consider it I mean can you get in streaks on interceptions or do you just feel real confident whether it's you or somebody else when you're putting pressure at that somebody's GonNa get it. Yeah I remember my rookie year Herald National Edition coach. He's always say that to me they come in Bunches group of guys in the back in that understand that and we understand how we need to play together so on you guys have seen it we have a lot of guys that intercepted there and I think that's only because of how we played on front on the pressure that they're getting whether it's a format rush five minute rush you know but blitzer six guys just knowing where they need really you know obviously they're very few people me included everyday people in the media who get really get a chance to see what it's like stint you guys can play can you take me into into really what it is like to play for Bill Belichick and maybe a story or two about how he makes your unit better and how he can find things during the week that you're able to you News on Sunday I think when you talk about plan from Utah just planning for probably one of the most repairs human beings does on a unit and our team overall and I think that's why we've been able to be prepared and go playing some games and win some games where a lot of people counted us out as the because of him you know his understanding and ability to you know prepare to play against another team but also prepare to know our own team sleekness what we need remember December with Devin mccourty the pro bowl safety of the New England.

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