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Show. Tom man, Steve Harvey got a radio show because God Cause God simply amazing because God is off to change because God is over the top. Because God is all that in a baggage ships. God is amazing, Man. God will take you places that you never, ever thought you would go. Oh, you know what It's sometimes it amazes me when I'm watching. People talk about themselves and their careers and where they're at in life and things and the and and I hear people say, you know, always dreamed of being him. You know, I can understand when a person say is that I've always dreamed it off something like this would happen to me. But I want you think about that for a second. Did you really see it Just like that. Did you really, really see it Just like that. Did you really know that God was gonna bring you through all he bought you through to get you to this place? Did you know that in spite of the losses alone, the way that would crumbled the average person that somehow he kept you through it all, and that's how you got here. Did you think you know? I'm I mean, you know, I mean, since you're so busy talking about yourself now, have you for gotten all the times he was bringing you through when you didn't see no way that she was going to get through. Do you remember that? So when you sit, then you say I dreamed of this. This is what I always saw happening. I don't really think so. I don't really think if you take inventory a really close inventory of your life and you look back on. It all stopped looking at the moment right now. Remember where you come from? That's what gets me emotional. Sometimes that's what makes me tear up because was something is happening to me in the moment. It ain't the moment for me. It's the memory of how I got there. It's the recollection of all the things all the nights all the days in that car, all the tams by myself. When I felt like I wouldn't go make it, But somehow I'm standing somewhere. Somebody passing out an award to me or somebody calling my name. That's that. Did you really think you was gonna make it? So? So? So? So since you come, it is what I always dreamed of. Did you really think In those moments right there that you wouldn't even be standing here today. That's why I try. I try to give people understand, you know, and and and and this is counted for young people today what I'm about to say, But then guess what. Sometimes I had to remind myself of it. So I guess the steel kind of for everybody, you know, because I work with a lot of young people and so many times many young people just don't Understand what all it takes. And I know it If you're a full grown adult of your 40 you really understanding where I'm coming from, because, you know Is it? Listen to me, young people or anybody. I don't understand this. That you got to do some things that you don't want to do. In order to do what you want to do. You have to understand this principle of success or else you're not going to become successful. I got what you want to do. I got your ultimate goal Is this that and the other? I got all of that. But in the meantime, though, There are some necessary steps that you have to take in order to become successful and you cannot skip tea steps. You can't jump over the steppe Just cause you want to be rich Friday. I got that. I got that eye. Everybody got that. But if you want this, whatever you're talking about, whether is money or success or fame or climbing the corporate ladder or this position, are you All that's fine and dandy. Please hold onto your dreams. Dreams come true. But in the meantime, Let me remind you of something. That you got to do some things you don't want to do in order to do what you want to do that say you won't be rich and famous. Let's just say that's it for you. Missed it as a lotto other ways of being successful. Please don't think that's the only one. But I'm just saying, Let's just say yours is rich and famous. And let's say some miraculous way God made you rich and famous next Friday. Whaddaya you rich and you find was next Friday. Can I share something with you? This is not going to last for you. You know why? Because you have not done the things necessary. You have not done the things that you have to do in order to do the things you want. So now you rich and famous. How you gonna know how to budget money? Hi. You don't know how to get up and keep Chloe in towards the top when you fall off your pedestal. C is so many things you've got to know about something, and you think because it's what you won't write not supposed to happen Just now. It's a process when you ask God for something, Please, no, God know the process. He know the necessary steps to take you through. Don't lose your patience with God because your dreams are coming true right now. Man, you know, you know, I think the best way y'all is for me. I just use myself as an example. I really do understand what God has given me the life he has given me so far. I understand that being on this part now I get the knot. Be a successful when I wanted to part Now I get it. I got the delayed entry into the field of choice for myself. I got it. Now I've been wanting to be on TV and little comedian societies of nine years old. But guess what I didn't get that allows 28. But see, I didn't get it out mad at God. You know what? I won't not suna, baby. I got exactly what you want By God just process. I want you to go through to get here too. Because, see, I'm going to take you somewhere. You don't know none By one day you're gonna have a radio show Which looks stupid behind your notice you I'ma bless you with a radio show. You won't even know it. That's why I say every morning, Stephen..

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