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Education and training in mindfulness and psychology. He maintains a private clinical practice. In Marin California. This is the second segment of our two part discussion with. Neil Coburn any you know that's being in nature smelling flower you committing yourself from on a daily basis to be as fully present as possible waking up in the morning saying. I am better pay attention today. I'm GonNa pay attention to myself. I'M GONNA pay attention to my body. I'm going to pay attention to the world in a way where I can focus because this whole thing about multitask doesn't work. We all do it but it's just not as effective as if we really pay. Attention is focused. I mean that's just like you know focusing on on the show you know that's all I focused on. I'm always getting new guests and I'm researching and I'm reading and and more it's going I mean that's because I know that's what my passion and my purposes I when I start looking outside and it's like it's not working now get back on focus get back on focus and if if people can it takes discipline takes tremendous and people are. This is what. I've tried teaching my child. I have one daughter self-disciplined because that's what it takes US discipline. Maybe that's I wish. I often thought we should come up with a better word than discipline. Discipline seem so negative. Because you know you're you'RE GONNA get in trouble for has announced disciplined how commitment. Well it is a commitment. It's a commitment to being healthy. All what you talk about healthy. So unmindful psychology. We also introduced health and wellness. Oh my goodness I mean it is first of all I mean. Not The bore your viewers. You know we're we're one of. It's not the fattest country in the world. Especially in the silent diabetes to is an epidemic. And it's very indulgence. Because diabetes diction diabetes to is linked very very positively with Alzheimer's Alzheimer's. Become an absolute about you and I was a kid. I actually didn't know a single. I grew up in a neighborhood in Queens Middle Village. I love Middle Village where there were octogenarians all over the place. I didn't know a single eight year old that had dementia. Now you show me a family that has not been touched by Alzheimer's dementia. My grandmother had I know Alzheimer's I mean no dementia. It wasn't quite you know but I think it was because she lost her husband. She wasn't rooting depression. You know there was a lot. She used to walk. She's eight right but you know she wasn't well but it's funny. She ate rights. So part of this. Mindful psychology is health and wellness. Now it's learning really what we need to be eating. But it's not just eating and it's not just exercising sleeping. Oh my goodness. That's a big one league one. We need to sleep. I mean we have. Our country doesn't sleep. Yeah it's crazy. It's neurotic absolutely Roddick. You know what happens when we sleep? Yeah how about something called Mile? A Nation Mile Nation simply means that the way our system is built to transmit information is through these lines that mylan carries the information the electrical and chemical impulses that goes from one spot to the other spot in your brain throughout your system. Myla NATION TAKES PLACE DURING SLEEP. Lack of mile a nation slows everything down. We have learning deficits we have cognitive deficits not to mention. How does it affect us? Emotional exactly physically. I mean all of it. That's why I love when I I've focused on sleeping when I have wonderful dreams and I can wake up and I can ride him down I. That's what I do. I use my dreams as messages. How interesting that when we have a two year. Old who accessed? What are we saying? I never snapped today. Thank the we say with a forty year old. Never what changed nothing because we also have that little child inside still need seven or eight hours worth sleep? I remember ice from bill on five and a half. I was like this is crazy when I got finally got educated myself enough so I seven between seven and eight for sure and when I can get eight. Wow what about the hydration? Oh my gosh yeah we. Oh cheers cheers and more general rule. Drink half your body weight in ounces of water a day so what? I've tried to do with mindful. Psychology is really integrate all of these areas high traditional psychology in eastern psychology mindfulness neuroscience health and wellness and of course consciousness and spirituality. You know I love to say it. I'm not the originator of this. We are not human beings having a spiritual experience we are spiritual beings have a human experience so impact the way you live this precious life of ours this miracle I know and it is a miracle and I have to say that from my whole being because I was an rh baby. So as soon as I do you know what you tell me And they cha- they have an anti serum of the year. I was born which is thank God. But when your father's positive positive and your mother's negative our age factor after the second baby. I'm the third. The blood is soon as the courts. Cut The blood goes bad so I'm basically was dying. My blood was dying when they took her away from me so I had to have a blood transfusion so I guess. Maybe that's why I can do what I do and I've been through so many challenges because I I've already gone through that I on her life and and human beings you know because it's I've already been through that death experience even though even at birth. I mean it's taken me years to get to really fully integrated and understand that fee. It's so interesting Cheryl to me. It's very similar and that is I shouldn't even be here. I don't know how it was that I was born my story also the youngest third and I have two siblings eight and ten years older than I am both of which were handicapped so my sister was severely. Handicapped your cerebral palsy. And what's interesting about the story? Is that my parents. Although she was born premature lead I dunno three and a half pounds. Think about this. She's seventy years old now too long time ago. They didn't know that she had cerebral palsy. Until my mother was pregnant with my brother. Wow right so my brothers porn two years apart and just as my sister who's turning four years old is about to undergo a series of operations. That's GONNA last ten years to see if she can walk. My brother contracts polio wound. My mother tells the story of walking into the bedroom watching their son dragging her by his body across the floor and having no idea what's going call the doctrine those days they came to the house he told my mother Millie. Sorry to tell you this. But he's got polio. So now my parents have a crippled cerebral palsy. Child in a crippled polio. Child so what I say is how was I ever born and I mean that and I asked Videotapes I was not an accident. My mother had the fortitude and persistence. Bring me here and you know just is what you've said about your birth. That's guided me on. I just I never take that for granted and I feel obligation. I feel a commitment to give to. Well I feel the same way because I need to Actually it gets me emotional. Because it's like I need to be to give and help people get to that spot there that miracle spot that we all have inside of me emotion to sit here and cry because my two precious you know and we all have our gift to give we forget we forget. Yeah that's why you gotta you gotta close out all their garbage in when I say we forget. Look I don't care what orientation you are the more athletic but it doesn't matter to me but this idea of awakening it's because we forget we forget what a miracle is the more we can embrace it. That's why we have to keep being reminded on my show. I always say the beginning in my end because we have to be reminded because we're stubborn human beings fact. That's my next book started. What are you going to call it? The stubborn human being no love it. So I'm trying to get more educated than you the neuroscience. I'll tell you with stubborn but the reality is with fear based stubbornness yeah. I mean. It's interesting. I've been a psychologist for a long time. I have a private practice. I've worked with lots of people. I first of all believe with tribal in nature. You know I've often said I'll ask you. So what's the difference between a lion and a tiger? I love asking people. This question right on the spot strides. That's what everybody says. Yeah but a lion and entire. They're they're actually different. A little bit different temperaments. They're completely different. Yes and they they don't they don't breathe the same way as well. I mean it depends on educated. You are about about each animal. Hikers are solitary beings was that mean they live alone a male tiger if he encounters a male offspring talking about his red. He'll kill him. Yeah lions very social. They live in prides. They have a very sophisticated social network. So when people ask me they say you know. What's the problem? I was too many people out there in the world. Living Tiger live that meant to be living must not forget the elephant. Because I just you know we have Martin Perl..

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