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Next up. We head to Indonesia wet shot who is a young architecture practice run by partners Delana, sir. When oughta and fluorine hens woman while the firm's output is varied they've been spotlighted on the international design map for the work. They've done to revitalize the Indonesian city of Bandung in collaboration with the metropolises architect turned star read one coming you with design vibrant, public spaces in Bandon already. A success Shahu has turned its attention to a self initiated project around creating public micro, libraries water. They you ask. Well, the pair joined Monaco's design editor Nolan Giles to turn the page and tell him just little more in a way. There are many architecture offices starting in depend free of Jakarta called thorough, and they teamed up and mate exhibitions open offices. And so on as well in Bundu. Do there is a new vibe of young architects, be more active in your organization, and they bring in different communities together to arrange talks exchanges and exhibition. So I think divide is really amazing. And it's growing I would say and terms of architecture. That's happening there. I'm guessing there's a lot that people in other parts of the world can learn obviously have quite a unique climate there. But also, you have these massive growing cities you having to do things on a certain budget. What can the rest of the world or maybe just the region a little bit more broadly learned from architecture? That's happening in Indonesia at the moment. Well in your nation's ladies are recently making new public spaces and is public spaces are being produced right now not in the past. And these spaces will then take on the user's needs and desires, and this would be done different types of public spaces than ever created. In the past series like in London in Perez that there will be different kind of typology. I would say, and what is really nice is. That recently some of the people in the top government are open to include Indonesian architects to take part in building this public spaces. So there is a lot of promise. Head and different. Take on how to intercut tradition into contemporary architecture topicality, one of the other main commissions that you guys have had is to design a series of micro libraries across bonding. Can you tell us a little bit about that? Brief the thing with the micro libraries is actually was more of a self initiated project. So we had the chance to talk with one of the directors of Dover, which is charity organization from Indonesia and restarted the project or the first one of them, but to quite a while to could find a side, and then it happened. To be in bundled. I saw it, and it's the first micro library and then from that on could start building different ones and partly. In bundling Padre ozo- one is in a Goro. So is not only bundling base. Not only one person based of course, again with communism. Great supporter, but they're different interested parties. There's well. So now, we have a critical mass of of Michael libraries, and we'll see how this from from that moment on can build up even more and Diana in times of micro libraries tells about some of the constraints. I'm guessing, you know, this probably a limited budget. But also you're trying to maximize the space for the people. What have been the challenges of designing and building these? Yes. So it's a self initiated project. Lauren mentioned and mechanism of every micro library is that it's fits with the budget of ac- as are of a company with give so it would fit perfectly and especially in. Asia where that amount of money. The company would allocate would be enough to build a beautiful small library..

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