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Any service yet exactly right now is only for links workloads. Right. And and presumably at some point the Amazon Kuban any service on the Google will as well. Oh, yeah. Absolutely. So two things need to happen. So that they need to support windows twenty nineteen as an operating system for the VM. So. They didn't age that runs twenty nineteen on then Cuban TS one team needs to. So that will have the window support. And then the cloud operates is can bring nine to their offering. So I'm guessing night when we first because if you look the Cuban development community and they've got their own slant community week who follow what's going on most of the development Weiss being done, a ks to verify all the bits and pieces. So I'm guessing I guess we come fuss. But yeah, then then Google, and then we'll follow very likely to follow. But it it does open up the store to Cooper Netease. When says done, I just can't imagine anybody using anything other than Cooper says a service. Yeah. It's a valid point. So most of our customers right now using swollen because historically not sold the DACA supported in our own enterprise. Plus the platform we adopted Cuban Netease. So now, you can run on the same Kosta the same set of serve as you can run swim or Cuban Netease to get up so economic team who perfect Cuba, Netease who are deploying stuff with cube a different team. He professed swollen on the same set of his obviously on primal, or in the cloud using using is I'm so, that's that's pretty powerful. If you make a choice to to Cuba, Netease, then you can still use your DACA, compose files. So DACA, compose is the application definition language that says, right? I have a website at the uses this Dockery made on a have a proxy visas. This DACA remain on. I'm running a message cube with this image all that sort of stuff then the dog composed the entice is much simpler on this. What you use on on the desktop won't develop as us with your Cuban deployment. You can take your DACA, compose files and deployed to Cuba Netease as well. So you get the benefit of a simpler language, which is easier for teams to what together on if you if you go full Cuban TS to saying that it's a. A more complicated language. It just takes takes more time to get your head around all.

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