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Check I can't recall what's made me happier in recent days you're very excited couldn't I can't recall I can't James Contests Likely surprised you were there for undisclosed competitive You got your foot your NFL pick correct last night yeah under in Denver that okay so retooling last week sneaky good these are college picks ten and eleven on the year so we're right around five hundred I'll give you a game tonight Ohio state versus North Western just give me the Buckeyes they're juggernaut right now minus twenty seven and a half they're five four games after allowing less than twenty points in their previous game which they did last week so I liked the buckeyes big tonight at Games on big ten network Mike I have all right let's go to Saturday Michigan at Penn state give me the home team the nittany lions minus nine here's some stats for your rich Michigan to eight against the spread ask ten games one and seven against the spread their last eight road games penn state coming off a great win against Iowa defenses played awesome gave up seventy yards last week to the Hawkeyes Penn state six and one against the spread and their last seven home games against teams with winning records so like Penn state big on Saturday unless you're going to high school with Susan Wagner High School and you WanNa bet against them you've run out of Alma maters of nine to quarterback but he played well put a lot of points last week against wake forest. I think there should be a high scoring game pumps a win comfortably but a lot of points gosh at least the jets don't play Sunday so that would mean that the my week would be Yankees lose.

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