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Bloomberg Quick Take. This is a Bloomberg business Flash. President elects advisers originally told allies in Congress about the cost of a new stimulus package as stocks are up on news of further stimulus, the energy and industrial sectors lead the benchmark higher Dollar is holding a gain as US initial jobless claims last week rose to 965,000 compared with the estimate of about 800,000 Let's look and see where we are in the markets. Right now, the S and P is up 3/10 of a percent of 12. The Dow's up a half a percent of 148. The NASDAQ's Up a half a percent up 70 10 Years down 5 30 seconds with a yield of 1.1% West Texas intermediate codes. Little change that 50 to 93 of Barrel comics. Gold's down 7/10 of a percent. At 18 41 90 announced the dollar yen 104 11 the euro dollar 21 13, the British found a dollar 36 52 Wells Fargo's agreed to sell its Canadian direct equipment finance business now as CEO Charlie Sharp revamps the little Leaguers lender. That would be Charlie Sharp. Toronto Dominion Bank will purchase the unit, which has about $1.2 billion in assets right now, Wells Fargo's up 2.2%. That's a Bloomberg business Flash. I'm great, Jerry. You're listening to Bloomberg markets with Bonnie Quinn and polls Weenie on Bloomberg Radio. Another tough day for the jobs market. US. Jobless claims jumped by the most since March approaching one million, so it's a good time to hear from President elect Biden this evening as he.

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