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We're going to be able to manage people who knows there might be some day. Somebody will come along and want to manage the size of the population. That could happen so absolutely. Well go a couple of quick clips toward the end if we can skip forward to the one from the atlanta journal constitution is one with a football stadium in about that. But i don't have to skip a few of these slides again No cove in nineteen mandates if we can skip ahead to that one to that clip. There we go. It's a good news story. Dr paul Georgia university georgia stanford stadium. They said no way. No covert nineteen mandates for the football games no mass no vaccines no. Nothing and this is in contrast to lsu. Which is you wanna come. Watch the game but show us your vaccine passport. That's terrible news and the next one really quick to something out of the uk the most hysterical country after australia. Even they remove mass requirements for children at schools. And we can't do it here. Disgusting final clip If we could put that up. And i just want to let people know. We talked about it a little bit yesterday. This is our conference. The war on us as i mentioned yesterday we've had to change the hotel that is now reflected on the event bright page. I will put a link in the description of this show. And also although return to link to the top of ron paul institute dot org website because the good news dr paul so many people were turned away when we sold out. We've been able to open up a couple of blocks of tickets. There are now tickets available to purchase to come to this event. New hotel hilton washington airport. Just down the road from the original one..

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