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The last couple of years have created so many new narratives and questions surrounding the way. We live and work some of those questions that we've address on this podcast. Many times before surrounds diversity equity and inclusion. How does an organization embrace diversity. What does inclusivity look like from an international links and how do companies create a truly equitable environment. We may not have the answers to all of these questions. But this episode is a great place to start the global talent at photos. Worldwide jennifer amara and diversity and inclusion director at thomson reuters elizabeth nelson join us guests on the show both of them share insider knowledge from their organizations and their path to implementing strategies on a global scale from rolling out organizational commitments surveying employee demographics in dozens of countries and enrolling solutions to employees worldwide led by neural leadership. Institutes paulette. girka. Veg the practice lead and senior research. Scientists michaela simpson our panel professionals investigate ways that brain signs can help strengthen global deny strategy. I'm shy lembo and you're listening to your brain at work from neural leadership institute we continue to draw our episodes from a weekly webinar series. That in la has been hosting every friday once again. Our panel consists of senior research scientist at dinner leadership institute michaela simpson in allies director of dna. Practice paulette girka vich jennifer amara the.

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