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26 40 to 50 60, and the mega number of 24 dog named Rocky was pulled to safety after falling through ice on a pond. Massachusetts firefighters says a hovercraft was used in the rescue. As I approached the dog, I got very calmly, you know, actually talked to the dog, you know, to gain its attention show that I'm not a threat. He saw the hovercraft. He pretty much decided on his own. That's where he's going. Rocky had been playing on Flint Pond when he fell into the icy water. Fire Officials say the hovercraft made his safe rescue possible because I can go over any terrain, including broken ice, water, mud or land was purchased by the department in 2017 with a $40,000 donation. Target has issued an apology to three teenagers who say they were racially profiled in Westlake Village. The teens say they were blocked from leaving the target store during a shoplifting investigation last week, while others were allowed to exit the store. Malcolm Erin says he started recording what happened when L. A county sheriff's deputies showed up. I was recording one of the officers like really started to get aggressive with me and you smack my phone out of my hand. The video's gone viral target says it has fired one of its security guards and apologized to the teens. The sheriff's Department says the boys were wrongfully detained. The team say they Or victims of racial profiling by both Target and the Sheriff's Department and plan to sue Amy King K F I news Let's turn things over to Brian for a look at the four or five in Fountain Valley. We have a whole freeway closure. This is on the moral five South bound from brokers to just before you flip always gonna be shut down for road work until six. In the morning. Your drive is being diverted off on brokers.

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