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Handsome, one fucking Liverpool had a sixty three percent Chan liberal at sixty three percent chance of winning to be very tempted as much worse team that ever did and Liverpool is a much better team than or snow. Look at this Chelsea's playing with I know that home they have a seventy three percent chance of beating West Ham. And they're wrong. I agree with that one. That is completely. Oh my God. This fucking dear just went straight fucking knows capable. Oh my God. You remember how I told you? I was cute in my mouth before the podcast. I said that was healthy. Yeah. I wasn't drinking. Then right now. I am drinking, and I really looking like peeking in my mouth. Oh, God that hurt. That's tasty. I'm sorry. So I guess it's a pick em. I guess when you look at like, I was telling you the stat the other that arsenal has like the almost the same amount of home point is like Liverpool but away were just fucking abysmal. So I guess this makes sense on this'll be this is I'm saying arsenal wins and its defining win at the end of the season for next year that we're going to start winning games away. Let's go. Oh. I'm also calling an arsenal win. But I think it's going to be a by the skin of the teeth. George. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I think it's going to be a little bit lucky a little bit arsenal. Yeah. You get that eighty nine minute equaliser or winner. I think you guys will get w the bring home three points. I think right now, you're attack is on fire and seems like everybody especially the murderer Aaron Ramsey is firing on all cylinders once again I fuck with when doozy hardest shit granted jock. You know of always been a fan of him. So it's kind of cool because I don't hate our snow to see those two kids doing real well this season. And I saw this on the interwebs today. Have I wanna know your opinion? Sorry does not deserve the manager of the year. Oh, I mean, I do I'll I'll I'll straight up till you. I knew this point. That's like something. I've never thought about. Let me enlighten you real quick. Okay. He inherited a complete dumpster fire. No. Okay. All right in terms of Arsene Wenger manager of twenty two years leaving with a squad that really wasn't cl- thing. Well with a fan base that was incredibly divided. That's a bit of a dumpster fire. All right. Yeah. Kind of be praising your team just say. Yes. Okay. All right. Yes. Did he have to work within one summer to get the players that he wanted into the club and fix the squad that he inherited just one summer before he hit the ground running like he came into that fucking spot immediately. And he had billed the chemistry. Not only between the new players and the old players but himself and the new team his staff and the new team. So all these challenges fucking hit him right off the bat. And I think at the beginning of the year both of us did not expect arsenal to be fighting for the top four at this point. And look what he's doing right now. Our snow is sitting third fourth with a game in hand. Yeah. Yeah. And I think this is the best that I can remember or snow playing over course of the season. He has be northern winger for. The most home victories in a row. He's he's just had a fin nominal fucking first year. So I think he holy deserves. The title was the best manager in in the pram..

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