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Where exactly what's what was the unanimous where a cower records word sure yes that's where they kentucky tavern while i win in narrates than eighteen or nineteen year old underage no i wasn't i don't think i was at the time i'm pretty sure wasn't denigrated the drinking a dog had the drought well okay there would have been a around the time a young fellow came in and asked what kind of imported beers they had and i mean they just everybody in the sky this turned around because this was in the early sixties as he was he was he was ahead of his time men they did was not the kind of place for you asked for our got an imported or craft beer heavily steve is always don't be a strange you i the talk to you in a while thank you i was out of town a six two six one seven two five four ten thirty triple eight nine two at thirty talking with empty samara cold about his new book uh back be through time anthony has done eighty books test unbelievable um a prolific writer this one is it's an easy read but the photographs are priceless and for those of you who want to know about the history these photographs which are incredible are taken today in well precisely the same spot is i uh as the old photographs from which um the the book the the older photographs friendly sepiatoned and the others of course ruined vibrant colour peter king than was the photographer on this book with anthony first time you've got collaborated with peter it is but it will not be the law gadgets desert just as a great shot he runs a great website called on photos boston old and new.

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