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The garage and house belong to the Branch Davidians. They're a religious sect whose teachings bro has followed without question until now. Froze eyes flick open, immediately his mind starts racing, he's running through the same terrible questions that kept him up last night. He wishes he could get up on scream, but instead he stays motionless under the covers. Bro is in his mid 20s. He is a thick mop of dark hair and a deep desire to know God, and almost for four years he's been a disciple of Vernon Howe. Bro is howl's trusted lieutenant, his entire life, his home, his friends, his Salvation, rests on the faith that Hal is the new embodiment of Christ. And that makes this morning and his doubts so terrifying. These last few years, bro has learned some deeply uncomfortable truths about how. Last week, for instance, he and Hal drove from Texas to California and Hal's Camaro. But they didn't come alone. Hal also brought the 13 year old daughter of one of his followers. They stopped for the night at a hotel, and Hal and the girl shared a bedroom. Bro plays the memory in his mind. Over and over. He feels sick to his stomach, he's given everything to Hal, in exchange, he's supposed to play a central role in the Salvation of mankind, but he thinks what if Hal isn't the messiah. What if he's just a pedophile hiding behind a Bible? The thoughts and bro right out of bed, he dresses quietly, trying not to wake the others, then steps outside. The sunlight is warm on his skin, bro is partially blind, but he can still make out the pale blooms of a jacaranda tree. Just then the front door opens. Rowe turns and sees a clean cut 20 something with blond hair and a mustache, which is best friend. Steve Schneider. Schneider gives a quick wave. Morning, Mark. You look awful, everything all right? Bro avoids his gaze. Not long ago, he convinced Schneider to follow Hal, and now he's not sure he can look his friend in the eye. Oh, I'm fine, Steve. You sure? Bro hesitates. Well, honestly, I'm kind of shaking up. It's Vernon. Schneider gives a slight nod. Enough encouragement for bro to continue. He's been acting erratic lately. We're supposed to be saving people, right? But some of what he's doing, it'll scare people away. I hear you. I've been trying to recruit this couple and he's been so rude to them. No one's going to accept a profit the way he acts. Yeah, exactly. Lately it feels like every day he does something to test my faith. Do you. Do you ever wonder Schneider raises an eyebrow? Wonder what, Mark? Bro desperately wants to share the doubts that are consuming him, but he also knows the power that Vernon Howe wields over his disciples. If he questions howl's divine authority, how finds out. Rose life will never be the same. He's not ready to cross that line. Well, yeah. Ever wonder why of all the people in the world God picked Vernon Howell to be the messiah? Snyder last two broke and feel he's broken the tension. Yeah, the lord works in mysterious ways, Mark. We should probably get back inside. I'll be right there. Bro watches his friend walk back into the house. Schneider remains one of the faithful. The state of innocence that bro wishes he could return to. When it's too late for that, he's powerless to escape the question that shook him awake this morning. Is he really serving the messiah or a monster? And if he's been serving a monster, bro knows he owes a debt to God, in which case he must do everything in his power to take how down. Every day you get older, but that doesn't mean you need to feel older. What if we could slow down the clock, Thorne is a health and technology company that's transforming the current approach to wellness through their at home tests and science backed supplements, Thorne offers solutions for people of every life stage and health concern. For example, Thorne's collagen plus for supporting skin health or thorns Naya cell for promoting energy production at the cellular level. Thorns commitment to quality has earned the trust of over 45,000 health professionals and thorn is the only supplement brand to collaborate with the Mayo Clinic on research. To start optimizing your health and receive 10% off your first order, head to Thorne, that's THORNE dot com slash the letter U slash AS one zero. Why put off having fun until you finally have that free time, you keep hearing about. You already do enough to earn a bit of joy exactly when you want it. And with best fiends, you can have a little fiendish fun anytime, anywhere with an exciting mobile puzzle adventure game. It's easy to pick up and play, whether it's for a few minutes here and there, or if that free time does roll around, you can have a fiend tastic marathon. You've earned your fun time, download best fiends, free on the App Store, or Google Play. Plus, get $5 of in game rewards when you reach level 5. That's best fiends on the App Store or Google Play. Friends without the R, best fiends. From.

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