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He died yesterday of pancreatic cancer. He was eighty. Rebecca one seven daytime emmys for outstanding game show host. The latest was last june and he received a lifetime achievement award from the national academy of television arts and sciences. And two thousand eleven. He received a peabody award for quote encouraging celebrating and rewarding knowledge unquote is in the guinness book of world records for most game show episodes hosted by the same presenter. That's more than eight thousand episodes. He started hosting the show and nineteen eighty-four. I spoke with him in his third year. Nineteen eighty-seven jeopardy is somewhere between a trivia quiz and an iq test contestants tried to earn prize money by answering questions. In different categories. Trebek's would give the answer the contestant would have to give the question like this Have authors for two hundred dollars please. Certainly the first clue is in the nineteen fifties. He published brave new world revisited. A supplement to his nineteen thirty to work. Joe who has aldous huxley you write cards for two hundred. The high card in royal flush poker hand lee. What is the ace right. Alec saw start with 'em for two hundred dollars for the answer meaning belonging to the muses. It's a picture made of colored tiles set in mortar. Joe what is the mosaic starts with them for four hundred the answer their daily. Maybe a lot of viewers. Already know the answer to this. But i don't what's the rationale for having to give the answer in the form of a question. Basically it's a gimmick but it is the gimmick that makes jeopardy unique among quiz programs it as one step to a mental process. That is already very difficult for our contestants and it happens to be the way that merv griffin invented the game. I've seen times when a contestant has lost money because instead of saying what is the brooklyn bridge. Alex they say the brooklyn bridge. Does it make you feel bad when you have to Disqualify an answer because it wasn't asked in the form of a question. Oh absolutely i'm not a mean person. I'm there to see that. The contestants do as well as they possibly can within the context of the rules. Now we are to a certain extent in the jeopardy round the first round of play we always remind the contestants about their phrasing. We do not do that in double jeopardy. We do not do that in final jeopardy and we do not do that for any of the daily doubles if they make a mistake. In those three instances unfortunately it is going to cost them and it cost one of our players in last year's tournament of champions very dearly he got the correct response but he didn't put it in the form of a question. I was heartbroken for my tears in my eyes. He took it a lot better than i did. So yes it does upset when that kind of thing happens. And as a result we have contestant coordinators working with the players through all the commercial breaks constantly. Reminding them remember phrase it in the form of a question especially on final jeopardy. Do you guys ever make mistakes in what you think..

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