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On with in racing watercolors. Its biggest strengths. The way he works. He's biggest threats he's a very Very clever guy and he really knows how to build up a weekend. You know he's He's very good at building of the weekend from fbi to the race working well on the car and the very important points of the car not really. He's not really looking for the laptop until it really matters which is in qualifying. But he's he's always they're very consistent to. Is he the best teammate. You've ever had just looking at the whole package previous. Marcus ericsson alfa romeo ferrari sebastian battle. Now call it is a difficult question. Carlos is a very very good team. I will no inbetween seb and carlos. I think Seven his good days. I mean the last year was more difficult for for said but in his good days he was just incredible and just incredibly difficult to to bit if not impossible and calisi just very very consistent. So it's it's different approaches. But both of them were were very very strong. So you have all of these off track interests that you share with carlos. What about said. We said. It was a little bit of a different relationship. I so him a little bit more like an older brother. I mean he had so much experience that it was different. It was not the same type of competition that i had with. We said then. What i've have with carlos with carlos we're more or less the same age we are so competitive with everything severed moisture and so he was a little bit more. Yeah he was a bit less competitive with everything. If i wanted to win something he will basically let me let me win this thing and i'll be happy and he wouldn't care with gallows. It's a little bit different. I can see. He's so soapy stuff. If i'm visiting him at anything it can be the most stupidest thing and he will be so angry and same for me but with said what you've just described is only off track right on track. He was as competitive with you as the next person right. Oh definitely definitely then once you put the helmets. There's this whole relationship eat stops. You just think about the performance you just think about trying to extract the maximum out of the car and especially bittu the guy. That has the same car as yours did he. It awkward with seb. I'm thinking brazil. Twenty nine in particular so clan down the side of sebastian. Federal himself up into fourth place festival. We'll get trs. Tell the retro pasta county now. Five back tougher for the tax cut a puncture caused by contact with his teammate sebastian federal. So but then we came here. didn't we. There was the break in the first six months of last year. But then we came here and you guys make contact again. Turn three in australia. Ferrari's birchall contacts. Yes they did. Both ferraris try to fight over the sign peace. Can you just describe that. The debrief after those incidents. How hard was it between the two of you. It wasn't that hard actually. I'm in brazil. Was probably the moment where it was quite difficult. Berate after the race on me right after the race. Obviously with the heat of the moment is not easy then. I think the thing that was more difficult to manage is how much media are coming into play and putting a little bit of of excitement in this Trying to make things exciting and trying to make to the people that they are actually tensions when there weren't so we knew there were intentions but we also asked at every races. We came whether there was attention. And and yeah i. I think we managed to eat very well and the there was never any tension in between us insurer. It was quite stressful. Because whenever i do mistake. I'm just putting my hand up and that's it for brazil. Had my opinion he had his opinion. So and we never really got the answer that we we both wanted so Basically stayed like this but we dealt with it very well and there was not any tensions. How's your relationship with sebastian. Changed since you've stopped being teammate. It's very similar before very similar. Before i mean we always talk whenever we see each other. We we still have discussions conversations about. How is it going for. He knocked on. How is it going for mean in ferrari and and yet the relationship is the same now when you look at all the guys at the front of formula one they will have a very close relationship with their boss. Unthinking lewis hamilton toto wolff. I'm thinking max for stepan christian horner. Can you just describe your relationship. With ferrari mattie been otter is going very. Well i mean matia knows me since Since a long time now. Since i am in in gp three so he's been a longtime that he sees me coming. He was not at the position. he's now at the time but that didn't matter and now to my bus fills Feels great. I mean we've had a a very good moments together now. We are in a slightly more difficult moments but that didn't change that never change our relationship. We have a very good relationship. We are very close. And and yeah. Everything's going good ego to contract with ferrari that takes you through to the end of twenty twenty four. How much of a risk was it to sign such a long term deal couple years ago now. Well i've signed with for hurry so i don't call that i mean for me. It was an incredible opportunity. As i was saying the first time. I knew i was going to be a ferrari driver. I couldn't believe it and it's a it's a dream for me for me. It was it was not a risk coming was signing for five years for the team. Always been dreaming of so. Yeah then surely. Of course we are. We are going through more difficult moments. But that's only motivates me to to push even more the team to try and and and bring it back to where it belongs. Would you be happy to spend the rest of your formula one career in red. of course i will be. Yeah but i'll be even more happy if we get back to winning Because that's what matters and i know that this is what matters also for the whole team. We are pushing like crazy to try and comeback a twinning because this is what this team is used to because it's been a rollercoaster as an i. Think back to twenty nineteen bahrain. Your fast pole position sitting that in front of me. I'm convinced you're about to win your first grand prix and then of course reliability comes into play any finish third but to hit the ground running so fast with ferrari. You must have had to pinch yourself by then. I felt incredible can remember exactly like the the greed especially i remember. It was very very very busy. There were like. I don't know like thirty photographs around me before. Getting into the car. And i was trying to put myself in my zone. Trying to not think about too much about the surrounding did it but starts then came back to the leads pulled away that everything was in control and then the failure another failure but we had a problem with the engine which costs us to win. It was a difficult moment but on the other hand. I think i kind of proved to myself that i could do it. That what county the most these day even though it was obviously difficult to lose to win. That's interesting so it's kind of a confidence thing. A breakthrough moment. In that way. I deserve to be at the top table. Yes no i. I deserve more. I can do it if i if i put everything i if i don't do any mistakes if i do the job in the car i can actually fight for victory and from that day. I knew that this was a possibility. Charlene knew that you knew that already. I.

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