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Death of a thirteen year old girl from aims vary and the arrest of before seven year old man from Lawrence from over the weekend. WBZ's Karyn regal has more this morning, khloe carpets pronounced dead at lowest General Hospital last week left, there, alone, allegedly by forty seven year old Carlos Rivera arrested several days later police say he also had a sixteen year old with him Rivera charged with two counts of assault and battery on a child under the age of fourteen and not topsy Wisconsin last week at Laura's district court, Karyn, regal WBZ, Boston's NewsRadio Fall River, priest has been removed from the Fall River. Diocese over a credible allegations of sexual misconduct going back to the nineteen eighties. Father, Bruce Nalen was removed from the holy trinity parish diocese in a statement. Saying that they had help investigating the claim from a former Massachusetts state trooper who conducted their own independent investigation. Now, there were several allegations over a period of time in the priests was removed from active ministry is not permitted to serve mass nor present himself as a priest in a public setting father Nalen was ordained in nineteen seventy five and had served in several parishes across the Commonwealth, including Seekonk Wareham, and Attleboro along with Fall River a Memorial Day weekend. Fire down the Cape is being blamed on an illegal fireworks display, brushfire scorched some five acres of land and foul mouth. There were no injuries firefighters did arrive to the scene, or the beagle club, and there were three large separate fires and the flames came close to a neighborhood. But luckily did not extend any houses state police along with the barnstable county sheriff's office are assisting with the found that police in their own investigation. Meanwhile, police in Claremont New Hampshire are investigating the shooting of a dog at a local park gun. Honor, the two year old massive boxer mix undergoing surgery today after being shot while playing at the monadnock park yesterday afternoon. Now the dog's owner saying that the dog was shot by a man who came to the park to play tennis. The owner says she runs her dog inside of the fence courts when no one is around a man and a woman arrived to play some tennis. She yelled out to them to wait so she could get the dog on a leash. She claims they didn't listen the dog storm the gate, pushed it open. The man started a runoff turned around with a gun in his hand and opened fire on the dog. Police continue their investigation in are looking for the other parties in that shooting. Well population continues to grow in Massachusetts. Some new census number showing the greater Boston area, seeing some of the biggest jumps the latest population estimates released by the US census bureau show. Boston Cambridge in framingham with the largest population gains from twenty seventeen to twenty eighteen in terms of the number of residents while Sudbury Sharon Stone him saw the largest percentage increases in population. Secretary of state. William Galvin says the fact that eighty two percent of Massachusetts communities saw an increase in residents is important with the twenty twenty cents is looming. Since its numbers helped determine federal resources and representation in congress. There are still some communities in the berkshires and on Cape Cod. Chilling population decreases Kerry, small WBZ. Boston's NewsRadio President Trump speaking to US troops in Japan before wrapping up his overseas trip. But did he get what he wanted on trade? We have a report coming up. But first, and ten thirty three this time for traffic.

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