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Industry fell off the wagon. But what did you do to win. Did you decide to lose this way in. Why so i've i've been big my whole life in just how was and but i've always roped always had roped good and about two different things as what made me change my life pretty much high taxes and stay with my cousin and brock and one of his friends. Come over that i never met before. But i'd heard my cousin talk about him. His name is john c. Brian and he watched open. He's like man. You really good but could you imagine how good are up to lost some weight. I kinda like hurt my feelings a little bit. I was probably fifteen years old at this time. So i'm hurt my feelings so go on like you know i'm gonna show him i just keep doing Broken gabriel will then Are start with zach kill gibson in twenty nineteen and we go all year. We amateur audio. Go the pro. Radio's well he gets on this diet that he tells me about. And he's really not that big all he was just trying to lose thirty pounds or something and he's and he's try them. I don't. I don't need to go on a diet. I'm fine. I wrote fine. Do find whatever well i guess. The middle of the summer were rodeo. On and i missed my dad's like three times. Now matt sykes thin zuri. it is so hot It was one. It was two editor so we run our first the afternoon. It's like a hundred and five degrees sweating awfully. You're the perfect that night. And i swear it's just as hot as it is in the earth i come around. Miss meli alex out of the arena went to the trailer and had breakdown and i called my girlfriend. I'm like i need. I sent him either gonna quit roping or lose weight one of the two so i left there and zach told me what he'd been doing. Which is two thousand calories a day. No bread no pasta. No sugar nossa select. Cut everything how he knows. Sugar no sugar to the point like candy. Like i'm okay. I'm not going to go through the sugars in no deserts. Yeah no no hannity. No desserts no nasa No bread to the point out have tortillas and stuff like that but no like actual piece of bread no buns anything like that just trying to like every time you can cut out a car or long but also two thousand calories a days. It's tougher than you think. It was the hardest thing i ever had a new in my life. And i woke up the next morning and i started doing it. While the kicker was was twelve on one started a new day. so we'd go to all amateur audios and like ohio ohio illinois all up there and the slacks would go away so i would just. I would hold out on my calories at twelve hundred galleries for dinner. Just like i could feel like house full. Have a good dinner will slacks but go late right and we would hall to the gas station trying to get somewhere just because me and him were doing at the same time we hall but to the gas station and twelve a one. The hit twelve wanted matter..

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