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You your name? Nicaragua's head of police accused the business leaders who for years had been staunch allies of President Daniel Ortega of using diabolical violence terror and feared overthrow the government. Close up head Jose Aguirre says he has heard the government to cues opponents and protesters of being so-called coup-plotters before. But he says he believes this is the first time he personally and others in the business community have publicly been accused of the same inning. I'll go in contra Notre in hukou. Goosing milwaukee. Ian lucky if they have something against us them. Prove it charge us. We are here and not going anywhere says Aguirre tens of thousands of Nicaraguans have fled the country since our take launched a crackdown here. Jailing hundreds of protesters political opponents and reporters to prominent journalists have been jailed for more than a month after police stormed their cable, news outlet destroying property confiscating equipment that you were supposed to be in court today to hear that evidence against them. But their case was postponed senior US State Department officials did meet with our take this week. According to a statement on the US embassies website. The officials say their mission was to find a peaceful solution to Nicaragua's current crisis and a return to democracy and human rights protections. No further information was provided an Email seeking comment from Nicaragua's vice president Rosati rodeo Ortega's wife was returned with only.

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