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The heart. Is a tiny tool box dot com. It's 7 28 traffic and weather on the age Jo Conway and the W T o P Traffic Center in Virginia Kyle. Nothing complicated on the Beltway 95 South Down briefly slows across the Aqua Kwon. Its volume, the EZ Pass Lanes Go North 66 2 reports of any major issues inside or outside the capital Beltway Fair Likes Parkway eastbound between the favorites Kenny Parkway and West Ox Road. They were doing emergency roadwork, causing an unusual delay in estrus. They say they should be there until Least midnight driving in the district, 3 95 south and the exit ramp. Two Main Avenue remains blocked as part of the many lingering street closures that were reportedly still talking about in the district. The main ones, of course, were including the Rock Creek Parkway at last report between Virginia Avenue and the Lincoln Memorial. Also unavailable was Independence Avenue between the Lincoln Memorial and 14th Street, Southwest Bully. That's still true. The camera there kind of shows us the blockage. Constitution Avenue. They told us it was going to be between the Roosevelt Bridge in the U. S Capitol building, seeing some traffic flowing at some streets to the west of Saint 18th Street, but unreliably so so Nevertheless, if you're trying to get to the city, Easter West, you might want to try to use any street north of K Street for 3 95. If you're going north or south, you should be able to use use the third Street town to the east of the closures and say the 66 corridor between the Roosevelt Bridge and the Writers Freeway to the West. In Maryland Clapper Road is still crawling. Getting into Seneca Creek State Park for the lights display. Their the Kettering display shuts things down a pretty much bring things to a standstill on 1 93 near Watkins Regional Park and on 50 eastbound as you make your way towards ST Margarets expected Find delays trying to get all the way into words. Sandy Point State Park for the lights display there. I'm Joe Come, We don't get to be traffic out of storm team Foreign Samara Theodore tonight, with temperatures falling into the upper forties and low fifties, while many of us stay Dry. There is a chance we could see a few.

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